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Dell remote console switch software 4.1 download android auto installation near me

Dell remote console switch software 4.1 download

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To enable Telnet support, refer to "Configuring Serial Sessions" on page To switch to the active session from the local UI local users only : From the side navigation bar, select Local Session.

Viewing System Information You can view switch and target device information from the following screens in the user interface.

Table 3. You can also perform basic appliance tasks. If you selected Filesystem, select Browse to specify the location of the firmware upgrade file.

Enter an encryption password if you wish to encrypt the data before download. Click Download. The Save As dialog box will open. Navigate to the desired location and enter a name for the file. Run a terminal program on the PC connected to the Setup port. The serial port settings should be: baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, and no flow control. Click to fill or clear the Enable IPv4 checkbox.

Enter the desired information in the Address, Subnet, and Gateway fields. IPv4 addresses are entered as the xxx. Click Save. NTP Settings The switch must have access to the current time to verify that certificates have not expired.

You can configure the switch to request time updates from the NTP. Page Auditing Event Settings that protect access to the switch. The values can be up to 64 characters in length. These fields may not be left blank. Type the address of up to four management workstations that are allowed to manage this switch in the Allowable Managers fields. Alternatively, you may leave these fields blank to allow any station to manage the RCS. If issues occur during the normal upgrade process, SIPs may also be force-upgraded when needed.

Local and Remote Configuration Attention: Disconnecting a SIP during a firmware update or cycling power to the target device will render the module inoperable and require the SIP to be returned to the factory for repair. If a target device is connected to a power control device outlet, you can turn on, turn off or cycle turn off, then turn on the target device. To turn on, turn off or power cycle a target device: From the side navigation bar, click Ports - Power Devices to open the Power Devices screen.

Page 72 In the following figure, the target device named Server2 has linked power outlets. Clicking on the drop-down menu arrow in the Action column shows the additional power actions available.

Figure 3. Page Grouping Power Outlets Grouping Power Outlets The outlets can be linked or associated with the target server for easier control. To group outlets or outlets to servers , the first device to be named must use the Manual name field.

The second and subsequent devices must use the Link to Target Device menu, and then select the target name for the first device from the drop down list. Select Link to Target Device, select Group2 from the drop down menu. After returning to the Outlet List, outlets 4 and 5 will have the same name. The name must be unique for all the SIPs and power outlet names. An attempt to specify a manual name which is not unique will result in an error and the name will not be saved.

Page 77 target, the new SIP inherits the access control from that target. When a target device is renamed, all the SIPs and outlets of that target are renamed, and they carry forward the access control previously configured for the old target name.

Renaming of a Target Device On the Target List - Overview page, the name for that target may be changed to any unique target name. Under the Invoke Local Port UI heading, select the checkbox next to one or more of the listed methods. Preemption levels range from 1 - 4, with 4 being the highest level. For example, a user with a preemption level of 4 may preempt other level 4 users, as well as those with a level 1, 2, or 3 setting.

Page Setup Settings - Port Security Setup Settings - Port Security From the serial setup port, you can change the appliance network configuration, enable debug information, and reset the appliance. Page Configuring Kvm Sessions In the Preemption Timeout field, enter the amount of time from 1 to seconds that a prompt will be displayed to inform you that your session is going to be preempted.

Select the applicable session sharing options Enabled, Automatic, Exclusive, or Stealth. Page 84 Select one of the Encryption Levels that you wish to be supported. Page 85 Setting Description Ensures that a virtual media connection can only be accessed with your username and that no Session other user can create a KVM connection to that Settings: Allow target device.

When the associated KVM session Reserved is disconnected, the virtual media session may Sessions be disconnected according to the Locked setting in the Virtual Media dialog box. Local Users Local users can also determine the behavior of virtual media from the Local Session screen.

Either enable or disable the Telnet Access Enabled checkbox. When you connect to a device using the Video Viewer, the target device desktop appears in a separate window containing both the local and the target device cursors. Page 92 Table 4. When in Full Screen mode, the title bar disappears and the target device name appears between the menu and toolbar. Thumbtack icon: Locks the display of the menu and toolbar so that it is visible at all times.

Place your cursor over the toolbar to display the menu and toolbar. The Session Options dialog box appears. Click the Toolbar tab. Use the arrow keys to specify the number of elapsed seconds prior to hiding the toolbar. Click OK to save your changes and close the dialog box.

Launching a Session NOTE: When using a non-proxied connection, video performance over a slower network connection may be less than optimal. Select the desired setting for the Enable Activity Timeout box. If necessary, select the time limit for the inactivity time-out. When Full Screen mode is enabled, the image adjusts to fit the desktop up to a size of x or x widescreen. Page Refreshing The Image Generally, the Video Viewer window automatic adjustment features optimize the video for the best possible view.

The Manual Video Adjust dialog box appears. Figure 4. Page Video Test Pattern Video settings vary significantly among manufacturers. Dell maintains an online database of optimized video settings for various video cards, particularly Sun- specific ones. This information can be obtained from the Dell online knowledge base or by calling Dell technical support. This command is also available in the Video Adjustments dialog box. In most cases, this corrects video issues. Mouse settings are device-specific; that is, they may be set differently for each device.

NOTE: If the device does not support the ability to disconnect and reconnect the mouse almost all newer PCs do , then the mouse will become disabled and the device will have to be rebooted. Page Table 4. You can define the keystroke that will exit Single Cursor mode in the Session Options dialog box. NOTE: When using a device that captures keystrokes before they reach the client server, you should avoid using those keys to restore the mouse pointer.

The local cursor does not appear and all movements are relative to the target device. For installations that must support these earlier versions, you can choose among three pre-configured mouse scaling options or set your own custom scaling. Page Virtual Media host system. If your mouse or keyboard no longer responds properly, you can align the mouse to reestablish proper tracking. Resetting causes a simulation of a mouse and keyboard reconnect as if you had disconnected and reconnected them.

See "Setting Up User Accounts" on page Only one virtual media session may be active to a target device at one time.

After a device is mapped, the Virtual Media dialog box Details View displays information about the amount of data transferred and the time elapsed since the device was mapped. To map a physical drive as a virtual media drive: In the Virtual Media dialog box, click the Mapped checkbox next to the drive s you wish to map. The common file dialog box will appear, with the directory containing disk image files that is, those ending in. Select the desired ISO or floppy image file and click Open.

Page Keyboard Pass-Through the smart card from the smart card reader or disconnecting the smart card reader from the client server. Keyboard Pass-through Keystrokes that a user enters when using a Video Viewer window may be interpreted in two ways, depending on the Screen mode of the Video Viewer window. Page Macros Select Pass-through all keystrokes in regular window mode. Click OK to save setting. Each domain may have multiple peer Domain Controllers and may also be distributed across geographical sites.

Page Attributes Computer and User objects as well as classes for OU containers and classes to represent computer and user entities. Page Standard Schema Versus Dell Extended Schema Schema To provide the greatest flexibility in the multitude of customer environments, Dell provides a group of objects that can be configured by the user depending on the desired results. Dell has extended the schema to include an Association, Device, and Privilege object. The Association object is used to link together the users or groups with a specific set of privileges to one or more SIPs.

Page Standard Installation Care will have to be taken to correctly configure an RCS that is designated in this manner. In addition, using the Dell Schema Extensions makes it easier to search on and identify switch devices. A switch that is configured using a computer device object will be searched on along with every computer device within the Active Directory structure.

Page authentication. Page NOTE: It is possible to externally sever the Avocent authentication association without performing these steps. Nonetheless, if an Avocent server association has been created for user authentication, it must be expressly removed via this procedure to permit LDAP authentication configuration to proceed.

In addition, the additional configuration screens under both the Standard and Active Directory tabs will also be disabled. By default, User Caching is disabled. In most instances, there should be no need to change these values. However, if the administrator of the LDAP Directory Server you are using requires different port assignments, then those may be entered here.

Failure to match up port numbers with those in use by the LDAP Directory Server will result in a failure to establish communications with that server. Create an organizational unit OU to be used as group container. Create a computer object in with a name identical to the switching system name for querying appliances or identical to the attached target devices for querying target devices. Page Query Mode Selection Settings Search password Search password is used if a password is required for search options.

It authenticates the administrator or user specified in the Search DN field. If no values are found, the user is given no access to the appliance or target devices Group attribute A username, password, and group query sent to the directory service for an appliance and attached target devices when using Appliance query mode or for a selected target device when using Target Device query mode.

Page name is "info" Access control delimiters The LDAP Standards specify that the semi-colon character ; is used to separate multiple properties within a single named attribute.

Under normal circumstances, this need not be changed. Figure 5. Page Next, choose an attribute within the LDAP directory to be used to contain discretionary access control information.

This should be a previously unused attribute that is capable of storing a string value. Finally, you will need to enter the location for the Group Container, the Group Container Domain and the Access Control Attribute in the blanks provided in the Global - Authentication window. When using the Extended schema, the extra Dell object classes are added.

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