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Adonis golden ratio free download pdf proecu software download

Adonis golden ratio free download pdf

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Getting rid of excess fat is a key component � as women who were surveyed said that being overweight ruined the attractiveness of the male body, no matter how broad or muscular the shoulders were1. This may seem like common knowledge, but when surveyed, men typically overestimate the amount of muscle they think women will be attracted to by up to 30 lbs13! Only the Adonis Index Workout is designed specifically to shape your body into its ideal and socially powerful form. Research shows that socially powerful changes occur for men who have an Adonis Index Score close to the golden ratio.

For example, the closer your shoulder to waist ratio is to the golden ratio, the better chance you have of earning more money13 , getting more respect, invoking jealousy and envy from other men7, and sleeping with more women. It sounds unbelievable, but this is all substantiated with research; the Adonis Index is just that powerful. Part 3: How beautiful people live � the Untold Benefits of an Ideal Body The life of privilege Physical attractiveness has a significant effect on how people judge you.

Your ability to impress others with the shape of your body will affect your success in business, your sex life, friendships and all other forms of social opportunity.

In short, attractive people wield more social power than less attractive people. This is why The Adonis Index Workout is designed to reshape your body into its most attractive form. By changing your body into the ideal human form, the Adonis Index Workout transforms your entire life. As you change your body, you can expect to have the benefits of all the social power that comes with being more attractive. You will live how the beautiful people live.

Attractive people are also assumed to be more outgoing, more popular, and happier. This will become a self fulfilling prophecy for you as your transformation into golden proportions will bring all of these changes into your life.

As you develop your new body, get ready to receive more and more attention. This becomes a snowball effect as your confidence and social power beings to soar. All three of you are highly qualified for the position and have the experience and credentials the employer is looking for. Now imagine that you have been following the Adonis Index Workout for the past 4 months and your shoulder to waist ratio is coming closer to the golden ratio.

Now imagine one of the other candidates is a skinny guy with small weak looking shoulders and no chest to speak of. The third candidate is significantly overweight and has a huge beer gut. All other things being equal, which candidate do you think the employer is going to choose?

You know exactly what the answer is. You will be the one getting the job offer. With your new shape the girls at the bar will automatically be drawn to you without you even saying a word. Case 3 � Beautiful Waitress at a Restaurant Picture a time when you have been out for dinner or drinks with a few friends and you were served by an exceptionally attractive waitress. Now imagine this waitress got all of the food and drink orders wrong. She served you a Pepsi when you asked for a beer, and gave you a burger when you asked for a club sandwich.

Even so, all you could think about was how beautiful she was. No doubt you and your friends carried on flirting with her and probably still laid a big tip on her simply because she was attractive.

Most guys who are close to the Adonis Index eat a diet that helps them stay there. The fastest way to burn fat is with a good nutrition plan. Years of nutrition and metabolism research has combined to illustrate the way we need to eat in order to lose fat and move our bodies closer to Adonis Index proportions. The Adonis Index nutrition program outlines a scientifically sound nutrition program that is the perfect complement to the Workout and is essential to achieving success as quick as possible.

A specific mathematical equation based on the measurements of your body determines whether your primary goal is reducing your waist or building your shoulders, upper back and chest. In the next section you will learn how to choose the workout and nutrition program that is perfect for your current body size. Using your current Waist to Height Ratio, find your number in one of the three following charts.

The Chart that you find your current score in is the Adonis Index Workout program you will use. Take Waist measurements every 4 weeks, checking back with these 3 charts to determine if you need to change programs or continue on the same program.

Your height determines which program you will use no matter which workout you are doing. As you learned earlier your idea Adonis index waist is determined by your height, and your ideal muscle mass is also determined by your height. We have calculated the right amount of calories for your idea muscle mass using height. This special series of numbers defines efficient growth rates in plants, animals and even people. Fibonacci numbers have a special property that ties them to the golden ratio; if you divide each Fibonacci number with the numbers that comes before it in the sequence your answer always closes in on the golden ratio The Fibonacci Sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, , , � The Fibonacci numbers are a unique set of numbers.

The sequence starts with the number 1. No matter which Adonis Index Workout program you use, the sets and reps are always designed using numbers from the Fibonacci sequence provide exactly 1. This will ensure that you develop a golden shoulder to waist ratio and your ideal Adonis Index Score in the fastest amount of time possible. The Adonis Index Workouts were designed by professional exercise scientists using the latest research in exercise physiology combined with the mathematical and natural laws of physical attraction and the same artistic rules that ancient artists used to create works of art that exemplified the perfect masculine form.

Following the Fibonacci numbers through each phase of the workouts naturally leads to muscle growth, shape and definition. Each workout is designed to constantly move your body towards your Adonis Index Ratio ideal score�the golden ratio This requires a bit of trial and error.

After your first few workouts you will know exactly how much weight to use during your 21 rep sets compared to your 8 or 5 rep sets. The same exercise will feel very different simply by changing the amount of rest and the number of repetitions you do. This feeling is your best indicator that you are using the right amount of weight. You can obviously do 5,8 or 13 reps with a weight that you can do 21 reps with.

The trick is knowing how to choose the right weight for a 5 rep set compared to the 8,13, and 21 rep set. This is a key factor in maximizing the effectiveness of your workouts.

These sets should be a gradual increasing burn feeling. Moderate weights you can handle in good form up to the 13th rep. If you can do a 14th and 15th rep in good form then the weight is too light. Choose a weight that becomes much more challenging at the 11th rep and requires more concentration to finish the 12th and 13th rep in good form.

If you can do a 9th and 10th rep in good form then the weight is too light. The proper weight should become very challenging by the 6th or 7th rep, the 8th rep should feel like the last you can do in proper form. All 8 reps should be challenging although you will not feel as much of a burn during these sets as your 13 rep sets.

The end of an 8 rep set should feel more like an overall muscular exhaustion. These sets require maximum concentration from the first to the last rep. Longer rest periods during the 5 rep sets allow you to use heavy weights for each set. Complete each set in good form.

It is ok if you find you cannot use the same weight from set to set. Adjust the weight down so you can complete 5 reps on each set.

Do not take a longer rest period to handle heavier weights. Also do not speed the rest period up as this will cause you to use lighter weights than required. Take the full seconds rest and only use weights you can manage while sticking to this rest and rep range.

Horvath, T. Physical Attractiveness: The influence of selected torso parameters. Archives of sexual behavior, Vol. Alan F. Dixson D. Always consult your physician before beginning or making any changes in your diet or exercise program, for diagnosis and treatment of illness and injuries, and for advice regarding medications.

Part 1: The Adonis Index and the Natural laws of Physical Attraction Take a second before you start reading this book and think about all the people you know who lift weights.

Chances are some of them are very dedicated gym goers. They might workout three, four even five times a week. However, do any of them really have an ultimate goal that they are working towards?

More importantly, do they have a plan to get there? Most likely, they are working out for one reason: to get big and to look good. Unfortunately, getting big and looking good are two very different goals. This research has shown us that all human beings have the ability to pick out a beautiful and attractive person. There is a true art and science to creating a perfect body and it applies specifically to how women view the male physique.

This is true no matter where you are from or how old you are. An 80 year old woman from Paris will pick out the same good looking male body just as easily as a 22 year old girl from Brazil. For years anthropologists have been searching for the reason why you, I and all people find the same body attractive. What they have found is that the secret lies in mathematics.

What is even more startling is that this same mathematical equation can be used to develop a body that women find irresistible, because it can be uniquely applied to weightlifting methodology to create the ideal masculine body. In nature, the proportions of the golden ratio are found from the contours of seashells to the spirals of pineapples. Some of the most astounding architecture in the world, like the pyramids of Egypt and the Parthenon in Greece, were constructed using the proportions of the golden ratio.

It should come of no surprise that they too display the perfect proportions provided by the golden ratio. The importance of the golden ratio to the human form can be further explained when we take a closer look at the dimensions of the human body.

Ever since then, scientists, designers and artists have found that the golden ratio not only governs the properties of growth, but it also governs the proportions of the ideal human body. Most guys who are close to the Adonis Index eat a diet that helps them stay there. The fastest way to burn fat is with a good nutrition plan.

Years of nutrition and metabolism research has combined to illustrate the way we need to eat in order to lose fat and move our bodies closer to Adonis Index proportions. The Adonis Index nutrition program outlines a scientifically sound nutrition program that is the perfect complement to the Workout and is essential to achieving success as quick as possible.

Warming up A good warm up before any workout is important. You will continue to get results by simply repeating your Program and progressing to the next two documentation points, Week Eight and Week Twelve. Or order your Ultimate Program now to get even more dramatic results! You did it! The determination, drive and effort it took for you to get here makes this a truly impressive accomplishment. You deserve it! Of course, eating well is a lifelong journey, but now you have the tools, the knowledge and the experience to make that journey easy.

Letterman Why do Diets Succeed? Diets succeed when: 1. They are based on realistic, healthy philosophies. They help set short- and long-term goals that are realistic and achievable and provide fast visual, emotional and physical results.

They are clearly laid out for you, with all the groundwork, information and planning provided and customized to you personally. This helps make it easy to succeed! They are not unreasonably restrictive in calories and nutrients and are easy to adopt on a day-to-day basis. They encourage involvement and support from others. An empowering nutrition program includes the support of your family, friends, and nutrition and fitness professionals.

Support can also be found at www. By providing you with all the tools needed to succeed you are in control of your success. High levels of blood sugar stimulate the production of insulin, which instructs your body to store blood sugar as fat.

That means you gain fat! If you lower insulin levels and increase glucagon levels, your body will begin to convert fat into blood sugar, where it will be used by your body as fuel. This means you lose fat! Think of insulin as a fat storage hormone and glucagon as a fat burning hormone. How can you control the level of these hormones? The answer is food. What you eat controls your hormones. The Effect of Protein on Blood Sugar Hormones Protein is one of the most effective weapons against fat because it stimulates the release of glucagon.

This stops feelings of tiredness and sleepiness after meals, reduces cravings for carbohydrates, and suppresses hunger. Because carbohydrates are converted into blood sugar by your body, over-consumption causes your blood sugar level to spike.

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Such equipment loses its value and requires more maintenance. This is particularly important in our era of male and female Viagra and other medications for sexual dysfunction. You need energy to move, so as long as youre moving, youre burning calories.

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