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Mork borg pdf download how to choose download location windows 10

Mork borg pdf download

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Her twin Arkh, Head of Deception, claims to be the first prophet of truths now prostituted by Verhu. Few have ever seen her, the oldest, but many walk her twin paths. All were cast down the cliffs of Bergen Chrypt, only H E survived.

The head Gorgh is bitter, rank with envy that only his twin Verhu knows the damned truth. Time and time again his prophecies are brought to be. The piles of gold-gift riches from his faithful teeter and slide, so tall are they. Reality decays, truth becomes dream and dream, truth. The know n world closes in, bounded to the west by the massive Bergen Chrypt with its catacombs and ice-caked peaks and surrounded by the Endless Sea to the north, south and east.

They all return, against their will. Alive or dea d. Deep beneath the Cathedral of the Two-Headed Basilisks, in a cool black chamber crossed by shards of light, lies her throne. Josilfa, old but still young, commoners gossip that she colludes with the god Nechrubel, who gave her eternal life. Nechrubel: the shadow that covers all. Nechrubel is melancholy, crop failure, conflict and war. As time grows ever shorter the Two-Headed Basilisks become ever-more desperate in their recruitment.

The road to salvation lies through mortification of the flesh; the apocalypse is to be met with eyes wide open. Only then can the soul be allowed passage to the Shimmering Fields. Heretics and apostates are hunted down and corrected, in public and at length, by the Inquisition. In Tveland also lies The forest seems, lately, to spread unnaturally fast. Paths tangle and wind in the overgrown gloom, leading wanderers astray. A truly ancient cemetery filled with mausoleums, blank-eyed cherubs, stagnant fountains, plague pits and ordinary graves.

Do you hear the frantic scratching? The air feels heavy, stale and hard to breathe. Most of the palace lies in crumbling ruins, home to unfortunate souls sheltering beneath its broken halls. None dare dream what might lie under the rubble covered catacombs and cellars.

Tunnels sprawl beneath like writhing roots, digging deeper into the cold earth like cancerous veins. The inner wing still stands, acting as the home of the Shadow King, a being obscured by ritual.

The slaves of the servants of the courtiers of the King come forth and do his will. The title is hereditary: sons are always born to the Shadow King. Grift was once a place of harmony and the light of reason, a shelter from the plaguewracked, war-torn world beyond. Much of Grift has fallen into disrepair as vile creatures begin crawling from the dried, cracked earth. Each night the bridges scream and roar like great ships grinding upon rocks.

He knows the end is near, believes the prophecies of Verhu and so, kindly and calmly, prepares his people for death. Huge parchments dot the streets, calendars of despair marking each correct preparation and its time. Terion, a thousand meters of vertical rock with the raging sea biting at its base. Within stands a castle like a waterfall of white stone: the throne of Anthelia. Some say she is eternally young.

But who listens to a gull? Dreams of her unending youth. Anthelia's Ambivalence Anthelia is well aware time is short. So cold? She drains the world of both with every glance, touch and breath. Those who bring her vibrant life are promised great rewards. All fear to do so. Excuses are made, explanations found. The feelings of the Countess are fragile, her powers absolute.

Court life entails grey opulence, excitement and fear. Now, terror and despotism stalk. Paranoid, fat and increasingly mad, he is consumed with psychosis and invisible fears. Obsessed with the prophecies of Verhu, the King raids and invades houses and villages, barns and temples. Nowhere and no one is safe, especially the poor. Lies and legends enshroud the valley, obscuring any truth. Others plumb the crypts seeking Verhu, believing they can persuade him of other fates. Some simply and stupidly leave gifts and sacrifices to a power they cannot comprehend.

Gloom grows, obscuring the world like an oil-stained image. One can feel it in ways sharp and subtle, mysterious and clear. One by one, inevitable events demand their place.

I llustrating this, the Game Master GM rolls a die each dawn. A result of 1 activates one Misery. The die used is determined by the GM and the group.

The game and your lives end here. Burn the book. The GM then rolls d66 to determine which Misery occurs. The same Misery will not befall the world twice. When will all this agony end? Years of pain 16 t A bleak half-year t20 A fall in anguish t10 A cruel month t6 The end is nigh! Transcribed by Anuk Schleger the monk. Of those who rest in hollowness, they shall not be seen. And from the cracks shall rise a poisonous mist, and in ten days it will shroud the world. In their passing the worm grows fat, the vulture weary.

The loyal shall turn their blades on those who silver gave. Born from Bergen Chrypt and covering all. And SHE reveals herself and all shall be slain.

That which was hewed by man shall now hew in its turn. You shall dig roots and pull children from the breast. The gaunt shall prey upon the gaunt. Forth comes fire, and a horde, and the Kingdoms burn. Children winter-born and fated to fall before snow, both shall it take. Born and unborn.

And dawn shall give them life as eaters of men. Its gift is Death and madness is its herald. Their wretched courts are devoured by wolves. The sun shall set and never rise. You shall not sleep, neither shall you wake. All praise the fire which burns all! And the darkness shall swallow the darkness. Some say the apocalypse is escapable, that it might even be stopped. And there you walk in discord and despair.

Your soul and your silver are your own and equally easy to lose. Create a Player Character PC 1. Randomize your starting equipment on this page. Randomize weapon and armor.

Roll your abilities. Roll your Hit Points. It will not save you. Roll on the tables on pages 39� Roll a number of Omens page Femur d4 20 rd tswo hor 3. Staff d4 4. Knife d4 5. S word d6 7. Small wagon 25s Tent 12s Toolbox 20s 10 nails, hammer, small saw, tongs Torch 2s Sack 3s Holds 10 normal sized items Salt 4s Scissors 9s Dog trained 25s Dog wild 10s Scroll worth roughly 50s to the right buyer Horse 80s Sharp needle 3s Mule 10s Waterskin 4s 4 days of water Rat tame 8s Improvised weapons do d4 damage.

The sum is not used in the game once the character is created, only the table value. Player Characters not created with the optional classes can roll 4d6 and drop the lowest die for two of their abilities. For example, find bear trap DR14 or resist red poison DR After that when testing Strength and Agility DR increases by 2 from 12 to 14 etc. Enemies attack once per round unless noted otherwise.

All tests are DR16 the first hour. DR18 the last hour. The DR for attacks and defence are modified as with any test. Fumble natural 1 Attack: The weapon breaks or is lost. Defence: PC takes double damage and armor is reduced one tier. When armor is damaged penalties to Strength and Agility tests are not modified.

Armor reduced below 1st tier is ruined and cannot be repaired. For armor repair costs, see Equipment on page How long isouaghrotiume to make an en A round is and traverse use a Power e are attack or er Th ed room.

Roll d6 to see if the enemy flees or surrenders. It can be after completing a mighty foes or bringing home treasure. If the result is equal to or greater than your current maximum HP, increase it by d6.

Left in the d ebris you find : d6 nothing 4 3d10 silver 5 an unclean scroll 6 a sacred scroll Ability changes: Roll a d6 against every ability. Results below the ability decrease it by 1.

The ability is then reduced by 1, but never below When reading a scroll, test Presence DR If you succeed, the Power is activated and you subtract one use from your daily total.

During this time, Powers will always fail in the worst possible way. Produce d2 lightning bolts dealing d6 damage each. All creatures within 30 feet lose a total of 4d10 HP. A creature of 5 your choice gains 2d6 extra HP for 10 rounds. One creature, dead for no more than a week, is awakened with terrible memories. Unmet Fate Bestial Speech You may speak with animals for d20 minutes. A sword that has killed exactly one dozen times 2. Eyes that have seen the Shimmering Fields 5.

Blutday bread 7. The rear molar of the Gluttonous Call it luck if you like. Every class gains a number of Omens. If you play without classes every character begins with d2 Omens. Terrible Traits d20 Roll twice 1. Endlessly aggravated 2. Inferiority complex 3. Problems with authority 4. Loud mouth 5. CRUEL 6. Egocentric 7. Nihilistic 8. Prone to substance abuse 9. Bipolar Shrewd Vindictive Cowardly Lazy Suspicious Ruthless Worried Bitter Deceitful Wasteful Wears a mask.

Must bet every day. If you lose, raise and bet again. Results in rage and weeping. Have never actually finished a story. Carry tell it everything, one more.

You pick your nose so deep it bleeds. Laugh hysterically 9 9 at your own jokes 1 10 0 A nihilist. You insist on telling everyone you are a nihilist and explaining why. The worse things get 3 Permanent phlegm deposit in throat. Continuously cough, snort, spit and swallow. You will deny this. Whistle when 5, 7, 9, 11 or 13 is rolled on a d If this can be considered a bad habit. Or the GM can quickly give history to a seemingly mundane character. D E Have a Have a rare, sought cursed neverafter item.

S 9 10 11 E E N abomination. H Very recently A puzzle cube has been calibrated murdered a incorrectly or has close relative. Can never go home. Y Escaped cult member. Terrified and paranoid. Other cultists are everywhere. L Had an illegal, immoral and secret affair with a member of the royal family.

Has proof. Hunted by former friends. I is being traded to successively more ruthless groups. The debt T Pursued for manslaughter. There is a bounty. You carry a sling. F Violence forced you into the wilderness.

You think waving trees are whispering. You talk to, scream at, attack trees. O V A battle wound left a shard of metal slowly inching closer to your heart. E N Your flesh heals twice as fast, but your companions twice as slow. H Being tracked and observed by a golem after an agreement which you know has been wiped from your mind. D6 damage each round. Water only feeds this fire. A caster who rolls the same result twice explodes in screaming black fire in which the faces of d It is unintelligent and begins to spread 1.

Long, brittle mischief and suffering. This happens every fingernails replace them in your gums. Your couple of days until the ground is cleansed smile is horrific and you find it hard to eat. You pustulate Those intimate bleeding heavily before loosening and falling with you will die of plague within d4 days from their gory pits.

You continue to see zombies weeping woeful as then rise through them wherever they are. Drowning or piercing is preferred so the bones are not damaged. Test Strength DR10 in stressful situations or take d4 damage.

When you die, you become a zombie. When you wake up, your souls have switched. Welcome to your new flesh. Living things held close to you slowly fall ill. They 4. Gazing upon a clear teeth and hair fall out. Water sickens you from this HP.

Only ash, soot or burnt remains thirst. You are permanently gaunt 6. When resting flesh. You sink 3 feet and cannot climb out you restore only half of the rolled HP. Clinging to you, screaming Five twisted, skeletal arms burst from your back. The hands are mischievous, violent and terribly cruel. The walls are smooth, iridescent and cold. Above, an endless inferno.

To leave d4 : 1. Slay riddling Kulvan strong goblin, page 58 who holds three colorless pearls. They are found only within the cube. The sky warps and stars spin like 3. Reach up through the fire to the golden wheels. Thrown one key above. The cube is perfect, and empty. HE emerges from the A Misery is fulfilled. At least your suffering is short, almost instantaneous, as the two-headed If you gaze upon a candle, basilisk devours you.

It spits out your secrets and inner thoughts and can be silenced to sleep only with blood. Disloyal, deranged or left any way. You must be close to your target. Your home? Quite a friendly environment. Not a Bright Spark, roll 3d for Agility and Presence.

Illiterate; your are incapable of understanding scrolls. If you begin with one then reroll, eat it or use it as toilet paper. You also begin with one of the following: 1 Crumpled Monster Mask Strikes primitive fear into lesser creatures like goblins, gnoums and children.

While worn, they check Morale every round. D6 damage. DR10 attack and defence while you wield it. Before battle roll a d6 for each one. For every 6 one of your attacks deals maximum damage. Woven from his long grey hair, this sling has never failed you. Attacks with DR10 bite d6. Defends with DR12, 10 HP. Becomes frenzied around goblins and berserkers. In your hands it hits with DR10, d4 damage. The shoe returns to your hand like a boomerang.

Not that you ever tried, what are you, some kind of mug? A razor blade and a moonless night are worth a week of chump-work. Roll d6 on the weapon table and d2 on the armor table. You also begin with lockpicks! You can spit d2 times during a fight. Roll a DR8 Presence test for accuracy. Targets are blinded, retching and vomiting for d4 rounds. Anyone witnessing this�friend and foe�must make a Toughness test to not also vomit.

If successful, after 10 rounds you pop back up with d4 HP and an unlikely explanation of your escape. When hidden in these conditions a DR16 Presence test is required to notice you. The first time the Scum gets better see Getting better, page 33 another specialty is rolled. Silence and perfection. Ordinary starting equipment plus one random scroll sacred or unclean. Roll a D4 on the weapons table and D2 on the armor table. You know the right way with a DR8 Presence test.

Your enemy must make a DR12 test to prevent this. Roll a D6. On a 1�4 these creatures fight alongside you. On a 5�6 they turn on you, attempting to kill you and destroy the book. After the battle they return to their imprisonment. Speaker of Truths Twice per day use your wisdom, knowledge, advice and inner calm to bring clarity to a creature of your choice. The DR of the next test they undertake is lowered by 4. Roll a d4, on a 1�2 the scrolls are sacred, on a 3�4, unclean. If the scrolls are not used before sunrise they turn to ash.

Hawk as weapon Your crafty almost-intelligent hawk is loyal only to you. Even without shared language, you understand its cries as it keeps watch, scouts and swoops to attack foes. Roll a d8 on the weapons table. Roll a d4 on the armor table but reroll if you receive heavy armor. He can also talk. The horse may be smarter than you and is quite aware of this. It contains a seemingly ordinary dagger, wrapped in silk.

The dagger does d4 damage but on a 1 the target dies immediately of deadly poison weeping from the blade. Once per day release a blare from this dented old trumpet and test Presence DR One creature may make their next non-combat test an automatic success. This magnificent and clearly magical talking sword is foppish, unreliable and quietly despises you. Once per combat, if Ham can be found, Eurekia may be drawn.

The sword does 2d6 damage, and for every swing of Eurekia roll a d6. On a 1 the squire is slain and Eurekia vanishes forever. Not that you expect any of these peons to understand the depths of your sorrow. Things were going so well, until Not you, of noble blood! Wretched Royalty B 4. Galgenbeck, near the cathedral of the sole survivor.

Two-Headed Basilisks. The crypts of Grift. This crook hooks through other worlds. So intensely blasphemous even the Priests themselves can only peruse it once per day. When read, roll a die. Odd result: The priest is plagued by demonic hallucinations. The DM may invent d3 things that only the Priest can see and describe them to the player as if true.

If pulled over the ears outside of battle the priest becomes nearly invisible, testing stealth against DR8. Successful Presence DR A strange light surrounds evil creatures. Their pattern reveals if danger lurks in an adjacent room. The stones can lie. The priest tests Presence DR10 to see if they are true but after failing they cannot test again until the sun has set.

One of the many Graven-Tosk thief-tunnels. Secret Bergen Chrypt church. Valley of the Unfortunate Undead. Frail, roll 3d for Strength. Roll a d8 on the weapons table and may use Powers while wearing medium armor. HP: 55 6 Oc c u l t h e rb m a s t e r Born of the mushroom, raised in the glade, watched by the eye of the moon in a silverblack pool. Low in protein, roll 3d Strength. Roll d6 on the weapons table and d2 on the armor table.

You carry a portable laboratory and continually search for frequently expended ingredients. Daily you have the materials to create two randomly determined decoctions and can brew a total of d4 doses. If unused they lose vitality after 24 hours. Can be habit-forming. Lasts one fight. Must be snorted, causes sneezing. Once like you, they are now trapped in the prison of their crazed goblin flesh.

Only their eyes reveal the truth: a ruined mind watching its body-prison perform terrible deeds. Even being attacked by goblins sends the curse, carried on the winds of their hate.

In the dark of Sarkash they shoot at passers-by with twanging bows. You must find and kill the goblin before your mind is paralyzed. If the cursecarrying creature still lives d6 days after the attack, you will warp irrevocably into one yourself. Then, only the dark of Sarkash will hide you. Test Toughness DR10 or become infected. There are few fiends more fell than poverty or monsters more powerful than hate. In this stricken world, the slums and black alleyways are fecund scum, mothering countless abhorred misc reants.

As if from nowhere, a frenzied ambush in dusty hallways and from behind the stacked black stones of catacombs. Log In with Facebook. Log In I am new here. Remember me. Error: No match for email address or password. Password forgotten? Click here. Advanced Search. From Free League Publishing. Watermarked PDF. Average Rating ratings.

Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Reviews Please log in to add or reply to comments. Great book. Amazing design, although it might trigger epilepsy. It is quite a bit easier to read. They are great for quick searches in a pinch.

Best to check with the FLGS in question on that one! I love this Game. Its got the old school game feel, simple mechanics and fantastic artwork. You live, you die and during your entirety things are so bad they are laughable.

A tiny detail for the record: the rules refer to "surprise" in regard to combat, but no rules for surprise are included. Not a big issue, but one that might be corrected in an updated version. So would you say you were Ok I'm not waiting a day 'to digest' this.

This may be rules light, it may not. I have no way of knowing because layout was done by a guy tripping on mushrooms and acid and blue line was approved by a blind guy using a Ouija board.

This is the worst layout I've ever seen. And my wife was a printer for eleven years. Rules light? I don't even know what the rules are. I got to the, 'optional' rules and realized I had no clue as to the required rules. I'm not sure what is 'flavor text' and what are actual rules. Using sixteen different unreadable fonts on the same page doesn't help and would it kill them to start anything at the upper left of anything and move down to the lower right?

Wait, what's that you say? There is only two or three fonts per page? They're supposed to look like a nineteenth century occultist was practicing spirit writing with a goose quill pen? Oh well I guess mission accomplished. Seriously, there's a point where atmosphere over shadows the actual information See more being conveyed. I got to optional rules and still don't have a handle on the core mechanics. That's poor editing.

I get it. This is supposed to be Scandahoovian doom metal distilled into a ttrpg. Here's my plea to the creators; please may I have a clean copy of the rules without the flavor text? It probably distills to ten pages tops. You have to have a copy sitting on a file somewhere. Heck, I'd settle for scanned handwritten notes in Swedish. Now I don't speak Swedish, I don't even speak Norwegian and it was spoken in my house until I was eleven, yes, I'm a terrible Scandinavian but that would be easier to decipher.

What I did get was intriguing. Hints of really unique ideas, like a table giving the GM the timeline of the end of the world and how it will play out but still very flexible. That's good stuff. I'll give it one more shot from the beginning but this will be the third time I've read the rules. Thank you. Sussing out the meaning of the text shouldn't be a quest.

Many publishers now do clean text versions of their artsy stuff. Hint hint. That was exactly my experience with the game haha.

I hate the layout. I love functionality. The last spread of the book contains the core rules condensed into a single page using a simple layout and only three fonts. The only thing it doesn't contain is stat generation, powers, and getting better, but those parts are relatively clean-looking in the book itself. B September 06, am UTC. If you're autistic or otherwise have sensory issues, I would not recommend this product. I can normally read and absorb RPGs with minimum effort, but getting through even a few pages of "artful typography" was a slog.

I have no idea how the game plays as I can't even access the rules. This would be a review, but DTRPG doesn't let anyone review if they've ever published something here. Thanks for the comment! It was helpful.

I have been undecided about getting this book between the great reviews and the over the top, hard on my eyes, art! I guess I'll have to pass on it, for the same reason. I have the same problem with this. I've never been diagnosed with sensory issues or atypical neurological problems so maybe this book could be used to screen for either?

Free League do you listen to your customers? Lack of response is unfortunate and not what Ive come to exact from FL. Plain text is in demand obviously. How big is this file? Just wondering how much this beast will take up.

On the sidebar to the right of the screen File Size: But it's a glorious Didn't see the reply til just now thank you Looking to get a print copy in the new year. The print quality, foiling, paper stock and tactile effects are a big part of this game's presentation and currently print on demand can't provide that. Honestly it's such a great book. Worth getting if you can.

Until you burn it of course. How about a sale guys? I've been drooling over this one for a long time. But, the current price point is too rich for my blood. I bet if you ran a Deal of the Day you'd hit Mithral or Adamantine by the end of it. That's still pretty rich for my grognard blood. But I can probably swing that, plus it might cheer me up to read about the darkness of the Mork Borg-verse when compared to the bleakness of our present dystopia.

Mork Borg is a complete tabletop roleplaying game contained in a digest-sized approximately 6 inch x 8. I say its complete because it includes a unique setting, a detailed set of game mechanics, a small bestiary, and even an introductory mini-dungeon crawl. So this thing is dense with information, and yet it still finds room for loads of art, creative layout, and lots of useful tables.

So what kind of RPG is it? Well, to give you a hint, Mork Borg is swedish for dark fort. So yes, this is a dark fantasy setting in which the world is ending soon. The setting background is provided over 15 pages, including an abstract map without scale, which shows the known world divided into 7 named areas, each with its own brief description.

Keep in mind the pages are smaller and are laid out creatively with artistic flourishes, so don't expect a lot of detail here, just an idea or feeling of each place. The world of Mork Borg is a nihilistic, dying world See more which is in its final convulsions. In addition to the writing, the art and design of this book does a great job conveying the bleak, hopelessness of the setting. The graphic design and layout of this book is in a gonzo, fan-zine style, but with extremely high production values.

This book has 3 types of paper, over a hundred different fonts, a handful of colors, text in margins, text at angles, a gold foil page with an upside down cross, a silver foil page, etc. I would consider this an old-school product. Its fairly rules light. The characters won't be loaded with over-powered feats or fists full of spells.

Character death should be common, although I haven't play-tested this. Also, in keeping with the OSR tradition, this book contains a plethora of handy tables.

Some of these tables are useful to create a dungeon from scratch, including random occult treasures and corpse plundering. What are the character classes? Well, that depends. If you play it straight, characters are classless lumps of random starting equipment, randomly determined armor and a random weapon. However, your random starting equipment may have included a scroll which is definitely a game-changer. Character ability scores are rolled with 4d6 dropping the lowest die for two abilities, and 3d6 for the other two.

If you're not a fan of classless murder hobos and prefer more variety, this book provides 6 optional classes: Fanged Deserter fighter , Gutterborn Scum thief , Esoteric Hermit magic-user , Wretched Royalty? Lots of flavorful options here. Mork Borg has its own luck mechanic, called Omens. The bestiary contains 12 creatures that are either unique or new twists on familiar tropes. Last is the short dungeon crawl with a useful map, 15 encounter areas, and three random tables.