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Anritsu software download microsoft viewer

Anritsu software download

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Quick Links. See also: Maintenance Manual. Table of Contents. Appendix A provides a list of supplemental documentation for the. Site Master features and options. The documentation set is. Previous Page. Next Page. Measuring Instruments Anritsu sc User Manual Site master cable and antenna analyzer with spectrum analyzer pages. Measuring Instruments Anritsu Site Master SC User Manual Antenna, cable and spectrum analyzer hand-held tester for transmission lines and other rf components pages.

Measuring Instruments Anritsu SE User Manual Microwave site master cable and antenna analyzer featuring classic and advanced modes pages. Page 5 Anritsu Software Tool Box Anritsu recommends allowing the instrument to warm up to typical operation Note temperature approximately 15 minutes before calibrating. Clean the instrument with a soft, lint-free cloth dampened with water or water and a mild cleaning solution.

Coaxial cables and antennas often build up a static charge, which if allowed to discharge by connecting directly to the instrument without discharging the static charge may damage the Site Master input circuitry. Use only Anritsu Company approved batteries, adapters, and chargers with this Note instrument. Anritsu recommends removing the battery for long-term storage of the instrument.

Page Secure Environment Workplace General Information Secure Environment Workplace Secure Environment Workplace This section details the types of memory in the Site Master, how to delete stored user files in internal memory, and recommended usage in a secure environment workplace. Press the Save submenu key. Press the Set Location submenu key. The external USB drive is now the default location for saving files.

Both items are included as standard accessories with the Site Master. See Figure The five bottom menu keys and up to eight submenu keys on the right side of the display are touch screen keys. Page Front Panel Keys Instrument Overview Instrument Front Panel Front Panel Keys The numeric keypad, rotary knob, and the four arrow keys can all be used to change the value of the currently selected parameter.

Numeric Keypad Keys 0 through 9 are used for numeric input, with an alternate function printed in blue above each of the keys.

Page 18 Instrument Front Panel Instrument Overview Menu Key The Menu key displays a grid of shortcut icons for installed measurement modes and user-selected menus and setup files. Press one of the icons in the top three rows to change modes. These icons are preinstalled and cannot be moved or deleted. An alternative to the Menu key is to press Shift, then the Mode 9 key to display the Mode Selector list box.

Page 19 Instrument Overview Instrument Front Panel User-Created Shortcuts To create a shortcut to any submenu key or main menu key, press and hold the key until a grid appears, showing the open locations on the Menu screen where you can place the new shortcut. Page Interface Screen Interface Screen Instrument Overview Interface Screen Figure Figure illustrate the Site Master interface screen in Cable and Antenna mode and Spectrum Analyzer mode, with touch screen menu keys, title bar, and measurement settings and results around the graph area, or sweep window.

Figure Page Touch Screen Keys Use only Anritsu-approved batteries, adapters, and chargers with this instrument. Caution Anritsu Company recommends removing the battery for long-term storage of the instrument. The Shift key icon is displayed after the Shift key is pressed, and it remains displayed until another button is pressed.

Page Symbols And Indicators Instrument Overview Interface Screen Symbols and Indicators The following symbols, icons, and indicators convey the instrument status or condition on the display. The colors shown here are in the standard or default display mode. Table It is recommended if the instrument does not respond as expected when you press the touch screen. To return to normal touch entry mode, reboot the instrument turn power Off, then On. See Figure on page The five status messages are described next.

Page Data Entry Data Entry Instrument Overview Data Entry User input can be in the form of numeric values for instrument or measurement settings, selected values from a preset list, or alphanumeric text when entering file names, for example. To view or change a parameter value, access the appropriate submenu by pressing one of the five main menu keys along the bottom of the interface screen, then navigating through the touch screen submenus.

Page Text Entry Instrument Overview Data Entry Text Entry When an instrument function requires you to enter text, such as a name for a measurement or setup file you wish to save, a touch screen keyboard is displayed. Digits can be entered using the touch screen keyboard or the front panel keypad. Use the directional arrow keys or the rotary knob to highlight the desired mode, then press Enter to switch to the selected application. The external power connector is used to power the unit and for battery charging.

A green blinking LED near the Power button indicates that the instrument battery is being charged by the external charging unit. On the back of the case is a large storage pouch for accessories and supplies. To install the instrument into the soft carrying case: 1. The soft case has panel openings for the fan inlet and exhaust ports. Do not block Caution the air flow through the panels when the unit is operating.

K Site Master User Guide Select the Measurement Type Press the Measurement main menu key and select the appropriate measurement. Press the Marker main menu key. Press the Marker 1 2 3 4 5 6 submenu key and select the marker number 1 button using the touch screen.

The underlined number on the Marker submenu key indicates the active marker. Press Shift, then Limit 6 to display the Limit menu. Press Single Limit and then use the numeric keypad, the arrow keys, or the rotary knob to change the limit value and then press Enter. Press the Units submenu key and select m to display distance in meters or ft to display distance in feet. Set Amplitude Reference Level and Scale 1. Press the Reference Level submenu key and use the arrow keys, rotary knob, or the keypad to change the reference level.

Activate the selected limit line by pressing the On Off submenu key so that On is underlined. Selecting, Activating, and Placing a Marker 1. Press the Marker 1 2 3 4 5 6 submenu key and select the desired marker using the touch screen marker buttons. The File menu and its submenus allow you to save, recall, copy, and delete files in internal memory or an external USB flash drive.

Managing Files Press the Shift key, then the File 7 key on the numeric keypad to display the File menu. Page Save Files Managing Files File Management Save Files The submenu keys that are available for file management may vary with instrument options and measurement modes. Save Measurement As The Save Measurement As submenu key provides a one-touch method of saving the current measurement data. Optionally, you can use the Quick Name keys to insert preset text strings into the file name. Similarly to the Quick Name keys, the matrix gives field personnel a shortcut method to enter file names in compliance with carrier requirements, which may include file naming conventions related to site number, sector information, color coding, measurement type, termination device, or frequency information.

If all matrix keys are already defined, proceed directly to Step 1. To edit any matrix key, press and hold the key until the Edit Quick Name dialog opens. Figure on page To expand a folder and view its subfolders, press Enter or the Right arrow key. Press Enter again or the Left arrow key to collapse the folder. Press the Scroll key to switch navigation control to the Dst destination pane. Alternatively, you can directly press a folder in the bottom pane to select it.

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WebAnritsu Master Software Tools - Download Anritsu Master Software Tools Anritsu Instrument Drivers � Shareware Description Technical Buy Edit Overview Anritsu Master Software Tools is a Shareware software in the category Miscellaneous developed by Anritsu Instrument Drivers. The latest version of Anritsu Master Software Tools is . WebJul 8, �� Anritsu Software Tool Box (free) download Windows version Windows System Utilities Device Assistants Anritsu Software Tool Box Anritsu Software Tool . Webanritsu site master software More Realtek High Definition Audio Driver REALTEK Semiconductor Corp. - MB - Freeware - Audio chipsets from Realtek are used in motherboards from many different manufacturers. If you have such a motherboard, you can use the drivers provided by Realtek. more info More.