roman catholic bible app free download
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Roman catholic bible app free download download ps4 remote play for pc

Roman catholic bible app free download

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It stops playing when you turn off your screen. Why is it so hard to find a decent catholic audio version of the OT? Thanks for trying developer. I appreciate the effort. But this app has a long way to go before it's really useful.

This app is great. Easy to find what you are looking for. Very user friendly. Love the highlighting feature! However, I have to uninstall it because the book of Psalms is very incorrect. It seems around the 8th chapter, the verses are in the wrong places. I was very confused until I compared it to an actual bible. Otherwise it is a nice app to have.

I really like how I can find passages extremely fast. However I do find that some passages are written like the King James Bible and have found that some chapters are either completely missing or just the last passages. As far as your last survey question, I don't really remember any ads unless they are the random passages that pop up.

Pentecostal Bible Study audio. Study Bible. By Joseph Poehler. It's very easy to use, it's easy to read, and there are so many things you can do to enhance your experience with the app. I was looking for an app so that I could read the Bible on the go, and I found this amazing app. Thank you! By Tah Lia. This is a free app so I understand why there are ads.

Good thing is the ads are not annoying and conspicuous that hinders intimate reading of the Word. Thank you very much to the developers.

By carlos leitao. Thanks for this lovely app. By Salvador Villalobos. It took a while how the app works but I figured it out;it's great. By Peter Ludwig. An exceptionally pleasant experience. No fluff. Just The Bible! Very easy to read. A nice feature is that when you close the app and return, it opens where you left off. I highly recommend it. By Roy Kamau. Bookmarks work fine, if I close and re-open after some time or days, it starts from my last read. Different fonts and clear background is great.

Dark mode is very good. Especially when reading at night or dark lighting. Has ads that are good. They appear at the bottom without covering what I want to read.

I am a presbyterian who also enjoys reading the additional books. The tales, proverbs and advice is good. Lastly it works fine offline. I love it. Good and nice, most especially the audio with continuous play through chapters and books But I'll like you to improve on the audio by upgrading it to keep playing continously even when the phone sleeps. Whenever the phone sleeps, after some seconds, it'll stop playing. Well done for the good job. Please alert when the update of continuous play is activated even when phone sleeps.

Thank you soo much for this app, if your looking for an audio offline Bible this is the best app. To top it off, she continues reading until you choose to stop it.

It's not like after one chapter it stops and you have to click the next chapter and start audio again, nope, it's continuous By Peninah Wanene. It's a good app, the ability to add notes is amazing and the highlights look exactly like the physical ones. Jan 18, By Scott Villmer. I haven't found a way to put this on constant play it shuts off within a short time.

I would like this a lot more if it had continuous play. By David Fletcher. Its got some passages missing that the Catholic Church don't want you to see. They have re-written the bible and added books not in a normal bible. The bible says not to alter it at all. It's had parts they don't want you to be able tonread or question because they are all apostates.

The Catholic Church tell so many lies. Dec 7, By Katie-Scarlett Gooding. No complaints. Works well with no bugs. Pretty simple to use too not to many buttons and options. Jan 30, By Ajay Coolguy. So far it's OK, not many problems with it. The ads are a little annoying, but devs gotta eat, I understand. Despite this minor flaw, it is a very good app and I appreciate its mission.

By Mary Hill. I like the different books. Makes me be able to search and find different ways to interpret the Bible. By Ryan Bush. Easy to utilize.. Cabin finished reading the whole Bible yet of this version.

By Mark Atzenhoffer. The note feature is really good as it does not limit characters. Highlighting is limited to one verse at a time, but that is workable.

Just wish you could highlight words as opposed to the whole verse. Other than that, so far so good. See all 4 reviews. Jan 5, By Christopher Mutati. I love this app. The only isue is the audio. It disappears and no way to get it back. I love to listen more than reading.

I hope you'll fix it and it'll be an excellent app. See all 3 reviews. Nov 20, Top 3 vs Worst 2 Features. Similar to Catholic Bible Offline Daily. Free In App Purchases. Oct 29, By Phillip Bearden.

I have been Catholic all my life and finally I found the Catholic Bible, magnificent interface and beautifly done!! Since I have it on my phone I find myself reading it all the time which is great. I wouldn't take anything for it, makes me feel so connected to the Lord. It's simply the best!! Wonderful app! I'm on a schedule through The Coming Home network to read through the Bible and the Catechism each year. As a relatively new convert from Protestantism, I'm loving the books that have been removed from Protestant Bibles.

This app makes it so easy to read when I'm away from home. By Barbara Berryman. It's impossible not to remember where you were when you stopped reading previously. When you open it again, it is in the exact same place, I love it!

It's verses are clearly marked, I love the page turning format, keep it up guys! By Maurine Birungyi. Beautifully done! Easy to navigate, easy to read. The language is very easy to understand. No annoying adverts! Not alot of Bible apps have these qualities. I might miss the highlighting aspect but the fun of flipping pages more than makes up for that. And the book marking is very easy to do.

You can navigate back and forth between the script and the bookmarks by just a click. This is the best Bible app version I have come across so far. Am in love with it. By Richard C. The colour pattern is easy on the eyes; less straining. No ads and very straight forward; no unnecessary filler.

A dictionary would be nice, but not necessary. By Molly Cabrera. Very appealing page colour that makes it easy to read with less eye strain. Love the page turning feature of it.

It's also the kind of Book that once you start reading it, you want to keep on reading to learn more! This apps is great Translation is so clear to understand.. Index is nice, looks like the actual one. No annoying ads. Thanks a lot! By Wilma Desouza. It has all the old testment books in the bible and the language is very easy to follow.

I like the outlet and it opens exactly where you end it. You can change to night mode whenever you want it. I like this app because it opens offline. I especially thank the developer for this app making it free. By Tenny Arikkadan. Chapters in each book can be put side by side so as to accommodate more chapters at one glance than the current method of scrolling vertically down.

Otherwise, feels great. By Alice Anthony. Easy to read, font size adjustable, meets my requirements for my daily study, I'm enjoying reading it too.

But book mark a bit confusing, also wished if it could highlight the current chapter Mar 2, By Chris Real. I am not sure about the accuracy of this app. Psalms verse 1 starts with, "O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast loves endures forever. By Angie Webster. Be careful! This is not even remotely a translation if the Bible, Catholic or otherwise.

Woven within, it is teaching things opposite to the Bible. I just downloaded it and within minutes it was obvious that what I was reading was not the Bible. I have even checked various different sections to see if it was simply an error in one chapter. It is throughout this app. Look at well-known verses, such as Psalm 23 or the first part of Genesis. Steer clear.

No reviews available See All Expert Reviews. Nov 19, Dec 31, By Blasius Ngome. The content is superb, the colours are good leading to very friendly leadership. One thing , the presentation of each chapter and their verses could be made to appear on a page.

Then click to open and read Thank you Blasius Ngome more. By dimalisa taruc. I just downloaded this app and when I opened it, I already like its feature because it really seems like a real Bible. It's clear and really readable. You can also easily find the book, its chapter and verses you wanted to read. Thank God that He guided you to make such wonderful application.

God bless you. I now uninstall the other application that I had. Jan 10, The interface is good, but there's this annoying thing with the text where it will cut off one thing of punctuation, like it'll have the last word of a sentence at the end of the line and then under it is the period. Does this with commas and other punctuation too.

It's really distracting and I hope they fix it. By peter Ahine. Seem good But no search button, one cannot highlight text, when reading a book and need to go to other verse, one needs to keep swiping till you get there or go back to the list of books again to select. By renee bond. App is beautiful easy to use. But I was looking for a bible that would read to me in the car and that l could read other times.

This came up- but I can't figure out how the reading part works. By Savina Xavier. I want to bring to notice that Psalms 35 and Psalms 51 are not correct. Please update the right text to the pages.

Otherwise it's a great Bible app. I really like the feel and look of the pages and the font. It's easy to use also. May 24, Similar to Catholic Bible. Dec 17, Great and full Bible. So happy it's free to share the Gospels good news to the ends of the earth through apps like this.

God bless those who created this app and those who travel near and far to spread the word of God! By Gabe Agca. Definitely useful app. There's still room for improvement, like its navigation, butvother than that, I always use it for my praying routine. By Elaine Darkin. Excelleny App. Supports daily devotion and prayer, essential to our Walk in Faith. I recommend this App for those wanting to study the Catholic Bible, easy to add bookmarks and notes to scripture which you can refer to at a later date.

Good clean layout of scripture. Separate boxes to navigate around chapters of both Old and New Testament. Offers access to content with reduced number of ads. By Kate Tee. This app is brilliant. It's easy to navigate, and easy to change font size and style for when I can't find my reading glasses. It synchs well with other devices which is very helpful when my battery is low.

I love the reading plans which enable me to keep me on track. I like being able to mark off chapters as I read them. Disabling Internet and reopening app also stops the ads!! I have a few of these bible apps By Antony Dhanaraj. Excellent app. In the prayers section, please keep contents in a box juxtaposed with each other, to prevent scrolling through endlessly. Topic names may be reconstructed and list made smaller. The search for prayers has to be improved.

It's a wonderful app and has a great navigation through the content and the voice aspect is spectacular. However, navigation through the bookmarks is still a bit wanting and needs to be revamped for user friendliness and ease of navigation. You get the chapters without stress.

I love the apo and have shared it with family and friends. The only issue is the Psalms. The numbering is not correct, for instance, if you want to read psalm 51 you have go to psalm If this can be corrected and updated that would be great.

I have not tried the male voice so I can not comment on that. Amazing app! I love it for the Scriptures and hundreds of amazing prayers.

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