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Forever engine download

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I know a lot of source codes are hard to work with for friday night funkin', usually very unoptimised or very unorganised, I wanted to fix both of these issues with Forever Engine and Funkin' Forever in the future. True to the spirit of Newgrounds , Friday Night Funkin' should be accessible by everyone, both modders and gamers alike, and I wanted to make it my goal to fix a lot of the issues that prevented people from being able to use the base game's engine, as well as create a more polished engines, as I was unhappy with the current existing ones at the time.

I really wanted to make an FNF engine that was easier to work with than any other, mostly because I thought about how messy most other engines including the base game were. That doesn't mean Forever Engine is better than the base game however, Forever is only a tribute to Friday Night Funkin' and its modding community, a small project of mine that I hope people can find enjoyment and use out of! I don't care how big this section gets over time, I will actually keep expanding it. People deserve credit for what they do!

Yoshubs - made the engine. Pixloen - made a lot of the custom assets that forever engine uses, he also gave me a lot of general advice on how to improve the engine as well as his input on both how to improve upon the base game and how the input system felt and such.

He basically co-owns the engine lmao. Gedehari - Amazing dude who I just met a couple of days ago, but he knows what he's doing so well and it feels like we're good friends despite only having known each other for a couple of weeks.

He helped with a lot of the code for streamlining things like the Freeplay Menu as well as explaining things like the note quants with pixl. A lot of my most recent code is heavily based on his project, Izzy Engine , which he let me borrow a lot of aspects from which I still owe him for lmao. He's also helping with waveforms for the chart editor! Scarlett - Overall cool friend of mine who knows a lot about programming and math that has helped me out countless times, still going here helping me with pushes, commits, etc.

She wrote the finalised math formula for the note quants and fixed the song name issue. Oneilr - Cool Guy Oneilr, made some of the custom assets, mostly the animated ones like the custom note splashes to avoid the week 7 embargo as well as some other things like the checkmarks in the options menu. ImCodist - helped with a couple of pull requests and issue fixes, but, I'm not gonna give him any credit at all, because he stole my obsidian soul in minecraft and I will never forgive him for that!!!!

Fl0pD00dle - Is making some custom assets in the future, is a really cool and underrated guy who's awesome to talk to and I hope he feels better soon. Clockwerk - also made vs skipper, oh my god what were you guys thinking. Basically, all of the files you need are in the engine itself through the setup. If you've already worked with fnf, this should work perfectly with you and if it doesn't then you might have the wrong target settings, or Lime is probably broken, that's usually what happens with these things, it's happened to me a ton of times lmao.

I'm not a very good programmer. If you want some external sources that will better walk you through how to compile the game, look no further than the base game github and FNF Source Code Guide , I really hope they help you out! Skip to content. Star 0. This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository. Branches Tags.

Could not load branches. Could not load tags. A tag already exists with the provided branch name. The Dreamteck community. Join us on discord to interact with us, get all the latest updates and interact with our community. Join Us on Discord. We are. A game studio based in Sofia, Bulgaria founded by enthusiasts who turned their hobby into a profession. With more than 12 years of experience in the field, we create high quality games and tools for the Unity engine.

Learn More. Join us. Splines V3. Splines is an all-in-one spline solution with focus on versatility, performance and ease of use.

Used by thousands of developers worldwide, it's one of the hottest assets on the Unity Asset Store. Check it out. Forever - Endless Runner Engine. A user-friendly, flexible solution for the generation of linear, procedural levels. Forever is ideal for endless runner games, procedural racing games and more.

Used in the creation of Lifeslide.