realplayer for linux
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Realplayer for linux

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Here is another mplayer based audio player It has everything I need Simple and stable. Sorry, but I gotta go with Guayadeque. Guayadeque is a music player. The Linux piece was aimed more at general purpose, audio and video media players. That said, there seems to be a positive buzz about Guayadeque, so you should enjoy it and spread the word. Why is that not included in the list? You are absolutely correct, VLC makes one of the most popular media players. Not only for Linux, but Windows, Mac and several other operating systems.

It is for that reason I left it off the list. I wanted to introduce readers to other brands that had particular focus on Linux, were high quality, but maybe not so visible. If this had been a top ten list, it would have been there. Thanks for the comment. We have sent an email which should help to resolve the problem, for further assistance please respond back to the email. Pls help me. RealPlayer for Linux has been discontinued and is no longer supported.

Archived copies are available for download in the Helix community:. You must be logged in to post a comment. Compare Video Software. About The Author. By David Legg Posted on June 12, By Tom Volotta Posted on June 12, By Jebril Posted on August 8, By Tom Volotta Posted on August 8, Best in what ways?

By Bahus Posted on September 25, By Tom Volotta Posted on September 26, Well, that looks like the one for you. By Mike Posted on October 21, By Tom Volotta Posted on October 21, By Mike S. Posted on December 13, By Tom Volotta Posted on December 13, Mike, You are absolutely correct, VLC makes one of the most popular media players. Please Note : RealPlayer is proprietary software, is not supported by the Ubuntu community, and is not available from the official Ubuntu repositories.

It is located in the non-free section of third-party repositories which the user must specifically enable. Installing on Ubuntu Archived copies are available via the Helix Community. Only the bit version is listed on the site and is an RPM package. The version available in Ubuntu See instruction for adding Medibuntu repository. Install realplayer packages in any method.

Several bit libraries will be installed as dependencies. If these files are not opened with RealPlayer, the application may start and then crash or close. To change the default to RealPlayer: Right click on the file.

If it is not a choice, select Open with Other Application and select it. If not listed, expand Use custom command and the Browse button to point it to the RealPlayer run file. The plugin files are nphelix. In the Action column, click the enabled action such as Always ask. Select Use realplay or Use other and browse to the realplay run file. Restart Firefox. You should see the RealPlayer plugin named as as Helix DNA Plugin: RealPlayer G2 Plug-In Compatible It the plugin isn't listed, investigate further by accomplishing the following: Set Firefox to display the full plugin path when the about:plugins feature is used: Type about:config in the Firefox address bar and acknowledge the warning.

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Running Windows Programs on Linux with PlayOnLinux in 2020

WebJun 11, �� 5 LINUX MEDIA PLAYERS EXPLORED. There are dozens and dozens of Linux media players. We rounded up five that offer a bevy of useful features: Banshee � . WebMar 1, �� Click on the "Download User Supported Player" button. At the bottom of the next page you will see "RealOne Player for Unix -. Preview Release If you would like to . WebDec 14, �� Download Real Player 11 for Linux. Real player also popularly know as real one player was the first media and audio player to stream media over internet. Best part .