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Airline codes pdf free download

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Aquila Air Ltd. Aluminum Company Of America. Aviones de Renta de Quintana Roo, S. Aerodyne Charter Company. Avia Air N. Arrowhead Airways. Aero Vics. Aeroservicios De San Luis. Aero Link Air Services S. Airlec - Air Aquitaine Transport.

Aeromarket Express. Arrow Aviation Ltd. Armstrong Air, Inc. Aeromet Servicios. Aravco Ltd. Airline Alania. Aerotransportes Huitzilin. Aero Transportes Del Humaya. Argosy Airways.

Alaska Airlines, Inc. Air Schefferville, Inc. Aerosun International, Inc. All Star Airlines, Inc. Arrow Panama. Astravia-Bissau Air Transports Ltd. Atlantair Ltd. Aerotours Dominicana. Atlantis Transportation Services, Ltd. Aerotranscargo [9]. Aero-Tropics Air Services. Air Corporate. Aero Taxis Y Servicios Alfe. Africair Service. Atlas Airlines. Atlant Aerobatics Ltd.

Aero Trades Western Ltd. Audi Air, Inc. Augusta Air Luftfahrtunternehmen. Air Atlantic Uruguay. Aviones Unidos. Avia Business Group. Aero Servicios Expecializados. Aurigny Air Services. Aurora Aviation, Inc. Aviair Aviation Ltd. AV8 Helicopters.

Aviation at Work. Avcorp Registrations. Aviacion Corporativa de Peubla. Alfa Aerospace. Atlantic Airfreight Aviation. Avialsa T Airvantage Incorporated. Aviator Airways. Airlink Zambia. Agence Nationale des Aerodromes et de la Meteorologie. Airbus Transport International. Aero BG. Aerotaxis De La Bahia.

Aerovaradero, S. Airways International, Inc. Australian Wetleasing. Awood Air Ltd. Arctic Wings And Rotors Ltd. Airwave Transport, Inc. Aeroway, S. Aeron International Airlines, Inc. African Express Airways. Alberni Airways.

Axel Rent, S. Altus Airlines. Avioimpex A. Aykavia Aircompany. Airman, S. Atlantic Airlines. Atlantic Airlines de Honduras. Atlantic Airlines, S. Awsaj Aviation Services. Atlant-Soyuz Airlines. Arcus-Air Logistic. Arizona Pacific Airways. Aviacon Zitotrans Air Company. Azimut, S. Aero Jomacha. Arizona Airways, Inc. Air Continental Inc.

Air Newark. Aircraft Support and Services. Amako Airlines. Afrique Cargo Service Senegal. Angel Airlines. Angel Flight America. Renamed Air Charity Network in [4]. Aero Nova. Aero Express Intercontinental. Air Libya Tibesti. Aero Servicios. Aero Servicio Pity.

Aero Copter. Air Pal. Aviones Para Servirle. Avio Sluzba. Air Scorpio. Air Spirit. Alatau Airlines. Aroostook Aviation.

Association of Private Pilots of Kazakhstan. Aero Services. Ambulance Air Africa. African Transport Trading and Investment Company. Aerotaxi Villa Rica. Aero Air. Aero Industries Inc. Aero Servicios Vanguardia. Aero Taxi Los Valles. Aero Vilamoura. Aero Virel. Aeronautical Radio Inc. Air Evans. Air Sorel. Air Net Private Charter. Air Executive Charter. Air Vardar. Aircompany Rosavia. Aircraft Performance Group. Airways Corporation of New Zealand. Airwings oy.

Air-Lift Associates. Airtrans Ltd. Auckland Regional Rescue Helicopter Trust. Avialift Vladivostok. Aviation North. Africa West. Avient Air Zambia. Aviaexpress Aircompany. AMR Services Corporation. Airline Operations Services.

AVB Ltd. AT and T Aviation Division. Air Caraibes Atlantique. Aerotaxi del Cabo. Aereo Cabo. Aero Condor Peru. Airline Skol. Air Cargo Belize. Aero Clube Do Algarve.

Air Great Wall. Aircompany Chaika. Air Charter Services. Air Charter Professionals. Asia Continental Airlines. Arctic Circle Air Service. Aviation Charter Services. Aero Club De Portugal. Aquila Air. Air Consul. Air Cruzal. Aerotransportes Corporativos. Aero Charter and Transport. Air Tenglong. Australian Customs Service. Air One Cityliner. Air Niagara Express. Aviation Defense Service. Air Service Groningen.

Aero Modelo. Aerodinamica de Monterrey. Aeroservicios Dinamicos. Aerotaxis Dosmil. Aerodespachos de El Salvador. Aerodynamics Incorporated. Airways Flight Training. Aeronaves Del Noreste. Alrosa Air Company. Aero Algarve. Aex Air. Aero Ejecutivo De Baja California.

Aero Ejecutivos RCG. Aerolineas Nacionales Del Ecuador. Air Este. Air Mana. Aeroservicios Ejecutivos Corporativos. Aeronaves Del Noroeste. Aero Ermes. Aero Transportes Empresariales. Aero Empresarial. Aero Servicios Regiomontanos. Aero Siete. Air Evex. Aeronautical Academy of Europe. Air Exchange. Atlantic Helicopters.

AF-Air International. Aviation Data Systems. Air Carriers. Alfa 4. African Medical and Research Foundation. Aero Freight. Aerodata Flight Inspection. Airfix Aviation. Aeroclub Flaps. Aero Leasing. Air Fret De Mauritanie. Avio Nord. Aeroflota Del Noroeste. Aero Fenix. African Company Airlines. Afrika Aviation Handlers. Afrique Chart'air.

Aerofreight Airlines. Aeros Limited. Air Affaires Tchad. Aerogem Cargo. African International Transport. Aero Charter. Aguilas Mayas Internacional. Aerotaxis Guamuchil. Aeroservicios Gama. Alberta Government. Air Cargo Center. Aircompany Grodno. Airlift Alaska. Aerotaxi Grupo Tampico. Aerotaxis de Aguascalientes. Air Victoria Georgia. Air Comores International. Air Nova. Aero Homex. Almiron Aviation. Airlink Airways. Air Inter Cameroun. Air Lift.

Aero Survey. Aero Airline. Airtime Charters. Aerotaxis Cimarron. Aero Internacional. Aeroservicios Intergrados de Norte. Airpull Aviation.

Arvand Airlines. Atlas Aviation Group. Aram Airline. Aerotaxi S. Aero Citro. Air Executive. Ambjek Air Services. Air Swift Aviation. Aerosmith Aviation. Arrendamiento de Aviones Jets. Aero Juarez. Asia Aero Survey and Consulting Engineers. Air Kirovograd. Air Mach. Aero Charter Krifka. Air Kraft Mir. Air Concorde. Air Mali International.

Air Kissari. Alliance Avia. Av Atlantic. Al-Donas Airlines. Aero Lider. Aero Control Air. Al Ahram Aviation. Airlink Solutions. Air Solutions.

Air India Regional. Alamia Air. Air Plus Argentina. Air Almaty. Air Almaty ZK. Alok Air. Air Saint Louis. Alpine Aviation. Air Alps Aviation. Aerotaxis Latinoamericanos. Albinati Aeronautics. Atlantis European Airways. Air Luxor GB. Air Ban. Air Lazur. Avag Air. Airjet Exploracao Aerea de Carga. Air Mercia. Air Medical. Atlantic Aero and Mid-Atlantic Freight. Aerosud Charter. Air Meridan. Aero McFly. Asia Pacific Airlines. Aero Premier De Mexico. Amal Airlines. Air Mali.

Air Madeleine. Aviation Company Meridian. AMP Incorporated. Air Monarch Cargo. Aeropublicitaria De Angola. Air ITM. Air Sport. Aerotaxis Metropolitanos. Air Metack. Air Montegomery. Aerotaxi Mexicano. Aero Yaqui Mayo.

AVC Airlines. Aero Servicios de Nuevo Laredo. Aeroejecutiva Nieto. Aero Contractors. Aviones Are. Atlantic Richfield Company. Aero Norte. Aeroservicios De Nuevo Leon. Arkhangelsk 2 Aviation Division. Aviapartner Limited Company. Air Parabet. Aeropostal Cargo de Mexico. Air Pack Express. Air Palace. Aeropelican Air Services. Peoples Vienna Line. Air Cargo Express International. Al Farana Airline. Air South West.

Aeroservicios California Pacifico. Aero Personal. Aero Servicios Platinum. Atlantic Coast Jet. Air Paradise International. Aviation Consultancy Office. Aero Taxi. Aero Taxi Aviation. Aviation Quebec Labrador. African Safari Airways.

Aero Quimmco. Air Center Helicopters. Aur Rum Benin. Aeroserivios Del Bajio. Airbus France. Air Roberval. Air Charters Eelde. United States Air Force.

Air Cassai. Aero Renta De Coahuila. Atlantic S. Air Service Center. Air Ada. Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

Amaszonas Paraguay. Aerotransportes Rafilher. Airbourne School of Flying. Air Archipels. Aviation Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation. Aeroservicios Jet. Aero Lanka. Air Alize. Air Amder. Air Salone. Aeronem Air Cargo. Air Cargo Masters. Aero Gen. Aeroel Airways. Aeromar Lineas Aereas Dominicanas. Aero Roca. Aerotransportes Internacionales De Torreon. Aero Asia International.

Arhabaev Tourism Airlines. Air Anastasia. Air VIP. Aircompany Veteran. Alliance Express Rwanda. Arrow Ecuador Arrowec. Aerogroup 98 Limited. Aero Zano. Anoka Air Charter. American Jet International.

Aero Sudpacifico. Aero Servicios Ejecutivas Del Pacifico. Airshare Holdings. Aero Silza. Air San Juan. Aero-North Aviation Services. Aero Sami. Air Soleil. Aero Soga. Airspeed Aviation. Air Service. Aeroservicios Ejecutivos Del Pacifico. Asian Aerospace Service. Alsaqer Aviation. Air Safaris and Services. Aero Servicio Corporativo. Air Sultan. Aero 1 Pro-Jet. Airquarius Air Charter. Name changed to Interavia Airlines.

Aerial Surveys Limited. Aircompany Yakutia. Aerosud Aviation. Aeroservicios de La Costa. Aero Taxi de Los Cabos. Air Turks and Caicos. Aerotranscolombina de Carga. Air Cargo Express.

Atlas Helicopters. Air Today. Aero Servicios Azteca. Aereo Taxi Autlan. Aero Util. Aero Toluca Internactional. Aero Taxi del Centro de Mexico. Aero Tonala. Aero Taxi del Potosi.

Avialeasing Aviation Company. Aerotaxis del Noroeste. Aerotaxis Alfe. Aero Tomza. Air Division of the Eastern Kazakhstan Region. Atuneros Unidos de California. Alfa Airlines. Alaska Central Express.

Alaska Island Air. American Flight Service Systems. AMS Group. Antigua and Barbuda Airways. Apollo Air Service. Assistance Aeroportuaire de L'Aeroport de Paris. Astec Air East.

Attawasol Airlines. Averitt Air Charter. Avia Consult Flugbetriebs. Avia Trans Air Transport. Aviaprom Enterprises. Aviation Services, Inc. Aviostart AS. Avstar Aviation.

B-Air Charter. BAC Leasing Limited. BACH Flugbetriebsges. Bahrain Executive Air Services. Baja Air. Baker Aviation. Bakoji Airlines Services. BAL Bashkirian Airlines. Balear Express. Bali International Air Service. Balkan Agro Aviation. Balkan Bulgarian Airlines. Balmoral Central Contracts. Baltia Air Lines. Baltic Airlines. Baltic Aviation. Baltijas Helicopters. Baltimore Air Transport.

Baltimore Airways. Business Flight Salzburg. Beijing City International Jet. Beijing Vistajet Aviation. Brixtel Group. Bygone Aviation. Blue Air Lines. Blue Jet Charters. Bun Air Corporation. Belgian Air Force. Blackhawk Airways. Business Air Services. British Antarctic Survey. Bradly Air Charter Services.

Bissau Airlines. Bay Aviation Ltd. Best Aero Handling Ltd. Bannert Air. Biman Bangladesh Airlines. Beibars CJSC. British Caribbean Airways. British Charter. BCT Aviation. Business Aviation Center.

Bissau Discovery Flying Club. Best Aviation Ltd. Belgorod Air Enterprise. Bel Air Helicopters. Basler Flight Service. Bear Flight. Business Flight Sweden. British Gulf International. British Gulf International-Fez. Bugulma Air Enterprise. Budget Air Bangladesh. Bristow Helicopters Nigeria. Bright Air. Bosphorus European Airways. British International Helicopters. Billund Air Center. Boise Interagency Fire Center. Bird Leasing. Bizjet Ltd.

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