how to download games on oculus quest 2 without pc
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How to download games on oculus quest 2 without pc windows 11 is it free

How to download games on oculus quest 2 without pc

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So keep your Oculus Quest 2 by your side and learn how to sideload content on it. Learn Sideloading Content on the Oculus Quest 2 Since this guide covers the process of sideloading content on your Quest 2, it does have certain requirements you must fulfill before we begin the process. Reading the topic, we know you must be concerned whether you can get banned from using your Quest 2. Note: Do not sideload illegal content on your Oculus Quest 2.

This includes but is not limited to things like mods, cracked games and apps, etc. We will be using third-party software called SideQuest. Working in a very easy way, SideQuest is software that allows Quest 2 users to sideload all types of content on their devices. The app even has a dedicated storefront where you can try apps and games not available on the Oculus Store. As mentioned above, SideQuest is perfectly legal to use and you can sideload content on your Quest 2 without worries.

All it requires is a one-time set up which we will be doing accordingly. While SideQuest now has an Android app, we will be using the PC one to make sure all users can easily sideload content. However, the following points are steps you must undertake before we begin. The installation will also take care of the necessary USB drivers thereby saving you a step.

Once done, come back and keep reading. Register as an Oculus Developer Since we will be sideloading content on our Quest 2, the device will be in developer mode. However, for that to happen you will first need to register yourself as an Oculus Developer. Simply visit the Oculus Dashboard and enter any name in the organization field and just press Accept. This can only be done using the Oculus mobile app. Once done, open the Oculus app and follow the steps below:.

Simply tap on the toggle to turn the Developer Mode on. However, if your PC does have a Type C input slot, you can use the official cable that comes with the Quest 2. Thankfully, the process to do so is very easy.

Simply start up SideQuest on your PC and then follow the steps below: 1. However, there are times when Quest 2 updates turn off the developer mode again. In case that does happen, simply follow the relevant section above to get it up and running. We will be showing you how to sideload content from the SideQuest store. Depending on the developer, the source file for the app in question might be in SideQuest or you might be redirected to another website.

We will be using the former to show you just how easy it is. Follow the steps below to sideload an app from SideQuest into your Oculus Quest.

Open SideQuest and click on the Games tab in the middle. Click on a game you wish to sideload onto your Quest. Click on the download app button on the right side and wait for it to begin. The APK file will begin downloading and installing by itself. You can check the progress of the task by clicking on the hamburger menu on the top right. If you see a button that is leading you to Itch or the official Oculus store, chances are you clicked on a paid app and will need to buy it first.

Once done, simply unplug your Quest 2 and start up the game using the method we will show you down below. APK versions of games or apps as that will lead to a permanent Facebook and Oculus account ban. SideQuest provides full dock and installation functionality for. APK files. Follow the steps below to begin:. Click the folder icon with a downward arrow attached to it from the top right of the app.

SideQuest will now ask you to locate the. APK file from the window provided. Find and click on the. APK file and then press the Open button. Within a second, SideQuest will begin loading and installing your chosen content. As before, you can check on its progress from the app itself and play it once done.

The best unofficial registry for sideloaded apps is SideQuest , an alternative store for Quest apps. While some of them are paid, most of the apps on SideQuest are entirely free. Warning : As always when sideloading apps�or just downloading software from the web�you should ensure you only download apps from sources you trust.

Sidequest has a standalone desktop app that handles the actual sideloading process. In addition to sideloading, SideQuest has tools for sending ADB commands, browsing the device files, and changing device settings. Oculus recently began requiring people to sign up for their developer program to turn on developer mode.

You may have to flip the switch again once you create your organization. Next, download the SideQuest app and install it on your PC. Once you load it, you should see the headset connected in the top corner. Once connected, you can sideload apps by installing them from the app itself, installing from the website which will open SideQuest , or by manually installing the APK from the controls in the top right.

If you want to uninstall apps, you can do that from SideQuest as well. We select and review products independently. When you purchase through our links we may earn a commission.

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WebApr 30, �� Open settings, go to the beta tab, then toggle Air Link on. Switch Air Link on within your Quest headset Now that your software is updated and the feature has been . WebDownload hundreds of Oculus Quest VR experiences. Step into a new virtual world with downloadable games, apps, entertainment, and more. Play solo or with friends. WebFeb 16, �� For those who don't have a PC, here's a guide on how to sideload VR games on your Oculus Quest 2 with a phone! Our VR equipment kit & tips here >