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70-412 book pdf free download

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To use the BitLocker is not commonly used on servers, but may become more common in the future as BitLocker has been improved to work on failover cluster volumes and SANs. Instead, Bitlocker is more commonly used with mobile computers and to a lesser extent, Desktop computers. However, it takes a domain infrastructure with Windows servers to get the most benefits from BitLocker and the management of systems running BitLocker.

For example, if you have multiple sites, it becomes more diffi cult to perform backups, particular over the slower WAN links. One solution for this is to set up DFS Replication between the site servers to a central server or servers at the corporate offi ce. Replication occurs when the WAN links are utilized the least such as in the evenings and during the weekends. You then back up the central computers located at the corporate offi ce. To install DFS Replication, perform the following steps: 1.

Open Server Manager. The Add Roles and Feature Wizard opens. On the Before you begin page, click Next. Select Role-based or feature-based installation and then click Next. Click Select a server from the server pool, click the name of the server to install DFS to, and then click Next.

If File Server is not already installed, select it. DFS Replication is not a replacement for backups. If a file gets deleted, changed, or corrupted on one target server, it will most likely be deleted, changed, or corrupted on the other target servers. Therefore, you still need to use backups to provide data protection and recovery. Recovery information includes the recovery password for each BitLocker-protected drive, the TPM owner password, and the information required to identify which computers and drives the recovery information applies to.

Objective 2. Network Unlock provides an automatic unlock of operating system volumes at system reboot when connected to a trusted wired corporate network.

You can use the Certificate Management console to back up any digital certificates, such as DRA certificates. It has also been mentioned earlier that you can use the Control Panel to back up the recovery key. For example, you can configure for updates to be auto- matically downloaded and installed or you can configure the user to be notified when updates are available.

To configure Automatic Updates using group policies, perform the following steps on a domain controller or any computer that has Group Policy Management console: 1. In the details pane, click Confi gure Automatic Updates. The Confi gure Automatic Updates page appears. If selected, you must also set the day and time for the recurring scheduled installation.

The default is a random time between 17 and 22 hours. However, an organization that needs to update hundreds of computers can present a daunting challenge for administrators. First, hundreds of computers downloading updates can affect network performance. Second, because an update can cause unforeseen problems, it is better to have the patch or update tested before it is applied. In the simplest configuration, which is ideal for a single site with a few hundred computers, you have a single WSUS that downloads updates directly from Microsoft.

Then the client computers get updates from the WSUS server. Figure shows a simple WSUS configuration. A setting can control a computer registry, NTFS security, audit and security policy, software installation, folder redirection, offl ine folders, or log on and log off scripts. Group Policies is one of the most powerful features of Active Directory that controls the working environment for user accounts and computer accounts.

Group Policy see Figure provides the centralized management and confi guration of operating systems, applications, and user settings in an Active Directory environment. As each server version is released, Microsoft usually adds more parameters. Kerberos Policy settings do not exist in local computer policies.

The agent can be pushed out from the SCCM console or can be pushed using group policies. If you have multiple sites, you can set up distribution points at the various sites so that updates, software packages, and operating system packages have to be pushed to the site only once and the local clients can receive the packages from the local distribution point.

The System Center Configuration Manager SCCM , formerly known as System Management Server SMS , is a more versatile system that can provide remote control, patch management, software distribution, operating system deployment, network access protection, hardware inventory, and software inventory. However, the approval of updates is done separately on the WSUS servers. As new computers are added, they will be assigned to the Unassigned Computers group until you assign them to another group.

You can use group policies to have the domain computers use the specified WSUS server. This gives you an opportunity to test the updates and then roll them out to the computer groups. Which term best describes multiple hotfixes, security updates, and critical updates which are packaged together and thoroughly tested together? Cumulative patch b. Service pack c. Compiled update d. Out-of-band package 2. To specify which computers get which updates, into which of the following categories should you divide the computers?

Packages b. Broadcast domains c. Computer groups d. Update definitions 3. Which of the following is the default port used for synchronization? Autonomous b.

Replica c. Download d. Share 5. Which of the following is the process of downloading updates for a WSUS server? Transferal b. Replicating c. Targeting d. Specify the steps, in order, that are used to configure a VPN server.

Not all steps will be used. Choose an Option 1. In the figure, circle the option that you would use to enable split tunneling. Your manager wants you to make it as secure as possible with the VPN technologies that appear in this lesson. How would you configure the server? Scenario Configuring Routing You have a corporate office with 12 remote sites. Each remote site has a site server that also acts as a router.

When you look at each of the servers, you realize that the previous administrator used the route command to specify static routes. However, as you have had to do maintenance and move some of the network connections, you find it difficult to modify all of the servers to reflect the changes. In addition, you will be adding four more sites over the next six months. For more information about the features in each lesson, refer to the Illustrated Book Tour section.

This feature signals the point in the text where a specific certification objective is covered. It provides you with a chance to check your understanding of that particular exam objective and, if necessary, review the section of the lesson where it is covered. Take Note and More Information provide helpful hints related to particular tasks or topics.

Warning points out instances when error or misuse could cause damage to the computer or network. These X Ref notes provide pointers to information discussed elsewhere in the textbook or describe interesting features of Windows Server that are not directly addressed in the current topic or exercise.

A shared printer can be used Key terms appear in bold italic. Click Install Now. Any button on the screen you are supposed to click on or select will appear in blue. These resources provide all the materials instructors need to deploy and deliver their courses.

Resource information available at www. A free three-year membership is available to qualified MOAC adopters. A complete answer key is provided. MOAC Labs Online is a cloud-based environment that enables students to conduct exercises using real Microsoft products. Diskshadow C. Wbadmin D. Diskpart Correct Answer: B Explanation. The diskshadow command delete shadows deletes shadow copies.

You need to create a Windows PowerShell script that registers each server in Windows Azure Backup and sets an encryption passphrase.

Which two PowerShell cmdlets should you run in the script? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two. New-OBPolicy B.

Start-OBRegistration E. E: The Set-OBMachineSetting cmdlet sets a OBMachineSetting object for the server that in- cludes proxy server settings for accessing the internet, network bandwidth throttling settings, and the encryption passphrase that is required to decrypt the files during recovery to another server. TheOBFileSpecobject can include or exclude multiple files, folders, or volumes.

All of the servers are backed up daily by using Windows Azure Online Backup. You need to perform an immediate backup of all the servers to Windows Azure Online Backup. Which Windows PowerShell cmdlets should you run on each server?

Registers the current computer to Windows Azure Backup. Not C. Not using Azure Not D. Not using Azure. A developer at your company creates and installs an unsigned kernel-mode driver on Server1. The developer reports that Server1 will no longer start. You need to ensure that the developer can test the new driver. The solution must minimize the amount of data loss.

Which Advanced Boot Option should you select? Disable Driver Signature Enforcement B. Disable automatic restart on system failure C. Last Know Good Configuration advanced D. By default, bit versions of Windows Vista and later versions of Windows will load a ker- nel-mode driver only if the kernel can verify the driver signature. However, this default behavior can be disabled to facilitate early driver development and non-automated testing.

Incorrect: Not B. Developer would not be able to test the driver as needed Not D. You start Server1 by using Windows RE. You need to ensure that you can start Windows Server R2 on Server1. Bootsect B. Bootim C. Bootrec D. Bootcfg Correct Answer: C Explanation. Additionally, this option displays the entries that are currently not in the BCD store. Use this option when there are Windows Vista or Windows 7 installations that the Boot Manager menu does not list.

Resolution: 1.

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WebDownload 70 PDF/ePub, Mobi eBooks by Click Download or Read Online button. Instant access to millions of titles from Our Library and it�s FREE to try! All books are in . WebFeb 29, �� Microsoft Premium Files softwarepdf % Accurate and Updated Exam Questions Accurate & Verified Answers As Seen in the Real Exam Days of . WebDownload Mcsa Guide To Configuring Advanced Microsoft Windows Server R2 Services Exam 70 ebook PDF or Read Online books in PDF, EPUB, and Mobi .