1997 jeep cherokee owners manual pdf free download
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1997 jeep cherokee owners manual pdf free download creative resume template free download

1997 jeep cherokee owners manual pdf free download

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Avoid trapping anyone in a vehicle in a colli- sion. Remember that the rear doors can only be opened from the outside when the child protection locks are engaged. It may be necessary at some point in time to ing to minimize the buffeting or open any win- There is no anti-pinch protection when the reactivate the Auto Up feature. To do so, per- dow. You Glass may automatically rise.

People belted together can will not protect you properly. The lap portion crash into one another in an accident, could ride too high on your body, possibly hurting one another badly. Page 31 6. Continued the buckle. In a its stowed position. Pretensioners work for all size occupants, including those in child restraints. Procedure The adjustable upper shoulder belt anchor- age is equipped with an Easy Up feature.

Grasp the deployed AHR from the rear seat. The AHR front soft foam and trim half should lock into the back decorative plastic half. Keeping the mother safe is the best way to keep the baby safe. Continued or high. Page 39 side airbags will inflate forcefully into the space Airbag Deployment Sensors and Controls impact, Advanced Front Airbags may deploy in between you and the door. A large only on the impact side of the vehicle. Also, have the Occupant Restraint Page 43 Confidential data will designed to record up to five seconds of spe- ated by Chrysler Group LLC, such investiga- not be disclosed by Chrysler Group LLC to any cific vehicle data parameters see list below in tions may be requested by customers, Do not use a rearward- According to crash statistics, children are safer status for electronically-controlled safety facing child restraint on a seat protected by when properly restrained in the rear seats, Page 48 The rear seat lower anchorages hooks or connectors over the top of the anchor- are round bars, located at the rear age bars, pushing aside the seat cover mate- of the seat cushion where it meets rial.

Then, locate the tether anchorage directly the seatback, and are just visible behind the seat where you are placing the child when you lean into the rear seat to This should be considered a normal part A long break-in period is not required for the your vehicle that is not equipped with seats of the break-in and not interpreted as an indi Do not disas- Periodic Safety Checks You Should open, make sure that all windows are closed and semble or modify the system.

You can turn and vertical mirror adjustment. Relying Press the mirror select button marked L left or too much on your passenger side convex R right and then press one of the four arrow Page 65 can be used. Until then, if available, previous Manual for specific instructions on how to send Automatic downloaded phonebook entries downloaded phonebook is available for use. Say the designation you wish to delete. Page 67 Answer or Reject an Incoming Call - No Making a Second Call While Current Call in until you hear a double beep indicating that the Call Currently in Progress Progress two calls have been joined into one conference When you receive a call on your cellular phone, To make a second call while you are currently call.

Automated Systems. Page 77 Voice Commands Voice Commands Voice Commands Primary Alternate s Primary Alternate s Primary Alternate s zero download pager beeper Dutch Nederlands pair a phone edit phone pairing pairing three emergency phonebook phonebook four English previous five delete all erase all redial Espanol select phone select seven Francais The beep is your signal to give a com- commands from the disc menu or from the FM mand.

Page Voice Training System Setup 1. Then, using body pres- is dangerous. The sudden movement of the sure, move forward and rearward on the seat to seat could cause you to lose control. Equipped Adjusting a seat while the vehicle is moving is This feature allows the front passenger seat- dangerous. The sudden movement of the seat back to fold flat for extended cargo space. The seat belt Some fold flat seats also have a hardback might not be properly adjusted and you could surface that you can use as a work surface To lower the head moved by qualified technicians, for ser- restraint, press the push button, located at the vice purposes only.

Continued or Off heat settings. In a material of the seat. If the seatback is not the shoulder belt is no longer resting against securely locked into position the seat will not your chest. Adjust all memory profile settings to desired without the vehicle in PARK, but the ve- 2. Select the desired memory profile 1 or 2. Two latches must be released to open the To prevent possible damage: hood.

Pull the hood release lever located under the prop rod is fully seated into its storage left side of the instrument panel. Page 90 instrument panel lights, instrument panel light dimming, interior lights and fog lights if equipped. To headlights will turn on in the Automatic turn the system on, turn the end of the multi- mode. Page 94 Windshield Wiper Operation able. When this feature is active, the headlights will The wiper delay times depend on vehicle Sudden loss of visibility through the wind- turn on approximately 10 seconds after the speed.

If the vehicle is moving less than shield could lead to an accident. This feature allows you to tilt the steering col- Wiper delay position 1 is the least sensitive and umn upward or downward. Adjusting the steering column while driv- lever. The Cruise indicator lamp in the instru- ing or driving with the steering column un- ment cluster will illuminate.

Continued switch is pushed and held rearward again. Closing Sunroof � Close it occasion- etc. Press the switch rearward and release it within toward the rear of the vehicle. Release the switch 13 Amp power outlet. The load floor has a phones, PDAs, and other small items.

The spring-loaded latches that retain the storage bin cover to the cargo load floor 5. With the cover seated in the floor, pull up- should not be used as cargo tie-downs.

In a sudden stop or gers can change the vehicle center of gravity The purpose of this cover is for privacy, not collision, a tie-down could pull loose and and vehicle handling. The rear window defroster button is Failure to follow these cautions can cause located on the climate control Mode damage to the heating elements: NOTE: knob. Continued carrying capacity of the vehicle. The TPMS 1. Page usually be drivable and not need towing, how- light after engine start.

High Beam Indicator electrical devices, such as the Fog Lights or This indicator shows that the head- either indicator flashes at a rapid rate. Rear Defroster. If the light remains on, it means lights are on High beam. Page Tachometer This light will minute RPM x The gauge pointer will remain near its last A hot engine cooling system is dangerous.

Continuous driving with the Transmission reading when the engine is turned off. It will You or others could be badly burned by steam Temperature Warning Light illuminated will return to a true reading when the engine is or boiling coolant.

Page display the outside temperature and compass Vehicle Odometer Messages crease fuel economy. The ECO display will heading in the screen below the speedometer. Page For more information on fuses and fuse loca- 2. Fully depress the accelerator pedal It does not show the degree of dangerous. Position Light Indicator This system conveniently allows the driver to The system allows the driver to select informa- This indicator will illuminate when select a variety of useful information by press- tion by pressing the following buttons mounted either the parklamps or headlamps ing the switches mounted on the steering on the steering wheel: are turned on.

Your vehicle is equipped with an engine oil If the indicator message illuminates when change indicator system. Page Manual Compass Calibration 3. Page Compass Variance Map Turn the ignition switch ON. Do not apply paper or tape to the disc; avoid scratching the disc. Media i. There are Mode Control Air Direction seven blower speeds. Conditioning Rotate this control to Temperature Control choose from several patterns of air distribu- Rotate this control to tion.

You can select ei- regulate the tempera- ther a primary mode as ture of the air inside the Use may make the inside air stuffy and win- this mode with maximum blower and dow fogging may occur. A light will illumi- 2. Dial in the tempera- nate when ture you would like the Fabric front fas- This system offers a full complement of manual cia protectors may reduce airflow to the override features, which consist of Blower Pre- at anytime without affecting automatic condenser, reducing air conditioning per- ferred Automatic, Mode Preferred Automatic, or Page illuminate.

Page Vacation Storage NOTE: may reduce airflow, and if they enter the ple- Anytime you store your vehicle, or keep it out of num, they could plug the water drains.

Page You should always use first gear when starting Downshifting Maximum Recommended Downshift from a standing position if under heavy load or Speeds Moving from a high gear down to a lower gear when pulling a trailer. Recommended Vehicle Shift Speeds ing down steep hills. Page Four�Speed Automatic Transmission 3. Press and hold the shift lock Transmission 3. This range supplements the parking brake by NOTE: locking the transmission.

Page The engine may be started in this range. Continued the parking brake if you must leave the vehicle. Stop the vehicle. Page Gear Ranges ning. The engine may be started in this range. Always apply the After selecting any gear range, wait a mo- NOTE: ment to allow the selected gear to engage This This transfer case is intended to be driven in is normal.

If these An advantage of the higher ground clearance requirements are not met prior to attempting is a better view of the road, allowing you to 1. Back Traction Downhill ponents, steering, and suspension.

Re- slowly down the hill allowing the compression tighten them, if required, and torque to the Shift the transmission into a low gear and the braking of the engine to help regulate your values specified in the Service Manual. If one wheel on a unless braking is no longer desired. Shift the transfer case into 4WD 1. This mode should prevent the natural laws of physics from act- be used for most driving situations.

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