12th science physics practical book pdf free download
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12th science physics practical book pdf free download download pubg mobile pc

12th science physics practical book pdf free download

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So here I am going to show you the practical file of Physics. So your time can be wasted and you should not work too hard, here you can easily see the practical file of the Physics Board examination student.

I know this site offers quality dependent articles or reviews and extra stuff, is there any other web site which presents these kinds of information in quality? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Very good Reply. Practical of finale account 12th class Reply. Hi Reply. Plz provide rest also only 37 pages visible I need 48 page experiment urgent plz Reply.

Plz provide me phy copy Reply. Yes bro all up bord Reply. Using a meter scale measure the length L of the experimental wire A from the point of suspension to the point fixed on the frame. Add half kg weight to experimental wire, wait for two minutes. Bring the air bubble in the Spirit level at the centre. Repeat the above procedure, each time by adding half kg weight to the hanger.

Take six readings for six different weights. Care should be taken that elastic limit is not crossed. Decrease the load in same steps of half kg weight and note the corresponding reading for a given load for unloading. Find the mean of the two readings corresponding to loading and unloading. Find the extension elongation produced in the wire for every load.

Observations: i. For radius of the wire: Obs. For extension of wire: Obs. Measure the diameter of the wire accurately. Readings of loading and unloading should be taken within elastic limit. Once the wire is loaded or unloaded wait for complete extension of the wire. Space for calculation: Std.

To find the force constant. Effective mass of helical spring by plotting T2-m graph using method of oscillations. Apparatus: Spring supported from rigid support, pointer, scale, masses each of 50 g slotted weights with hanger each of 50 g or whichever is convenient , stop watch.

Fix one end of the spring to a rigid support and attach a pointer to the other end which can move along a vertical scale. Hang the hanger with total weight g and note the reading of the pointer. This is initial reading x0. Take three readings less than the initial reading by decreasing weights in the hanger in equal steps. Note down the corresponding reading x of the pointer in each case. Take three readings greater than the initial reading in the hanger in equal steps. Hence determine extension in each case.

Hang the hanger alone, if required add masses in the hanger, say total mass g. Displace the mass m along with hanger slightly by pulling gently and oscillate the spring in the vertical plane. Measure the time required for suitable number of oscillations say 10 or 15 or Repeat this for two more times.

Hence determine periodic time T for that mass m. Increase the mass m in the hanger in equal steps of 50 g and find out periodic time T for each mass m. Hence T2 in each case. Apparatus: Travelling microscope, capillary tube, beaker containing water liquid , stand, pin, with wax, etc. Hold the capillary tube horizontal in the clamp of a retort stand and focus the travelling microscope on its bore at one end.

Adjust the travelling microscope to such position that one of the cross wires See diagram 1 - a i. Now move the travelling microscope in such a way that the cross wire is tangential to diametrically opposite point on the bore with respect to 1 - a position. See diagram 1 - b. Move the travelling microscope in such a way that horizontal cross wire is tangential to the bore at one point See diagram 1 - c.

Lastly move the travelling microscope in such a way that the horizontal cross wire is tangential to the bore which is diametrically opposite to point of 1 - c. Take clean dry capillary tube whose radius is to be found out. Fix this capillary tube in a hole drilled in a piece of cork. A long thin needle or a pin with wax can also be used as reference pin called reference pin is also passed through the cork.

Reference pin is very close to the capillary tube and parallel to it. The cork is then clamped firmly. A clean beaker filled with water upto its rim is placed over the wooden block of proper height. Now adjust the position of capillary tube and the reference pin in such a way that capillary tube dips in water and tip of the pin just touches the surface of the water. This arrangement is shown in diagram - 2. Remove air bubbles in the capillary if required with the help of rubber tube attached to the upper end of capillary tube.

Move the travelling microscope and adjust it in M1 position. Focus the microscope on the meniscus in the capillary. This is shown in diagram 3 - i.

Care should be taken that horizontal cross wire is tangential to meniscus. Note down the reading h1. Take away the beaker without disturbing the cork with capillary tube and reference pin. Bring the travelling microscope infront of the pin.

Focus it on this pin. Adjust the cross wire cross point touching the tip of the pin. This is shown in diagram 3 - ii. Repeat for h1 and h2 again for twice or thrice by dipping the capillary tube to different levels in the water. Observations: Smallest division on M. S Value of smallest division on M. Apparatus: A calorimeter, thermometer, wooden enclosure or double walled enclosure , a stop watch, arrangement of heating water.

Place the calorimeter in the enclosure. Insert a thermometer in the hot water. Note down the readings of temperature while cooling for 30 to 40 minutes. This is a cooling curve. Draw tangents at five different points approximately equidistant, on this curve with the help of plane mirror. For this, first draw normal and then perpendicular to the normal i.

Keep sonometer wire under tension T about one kg-wt including weight of the hanger. Start with the smallest distance between the bridges. Keep paper rider on the wire midway between the bridges. Hold the given tuning fork by the stem and strike it lightly with rubber pad.

Keep it on the box of sonometer. Adjust the distance between the bridges so that can vibrate in unison with the given tuning fork. For a particular length of the wire, the rider flutters and falls off. This happens when natural frequency of the wire becomes equal to that of the frequency of tuning fork for that tension.

Measure the vibrating length l of the wire. Repeat the procedure twice for one value of tension to get more accurate vibrating length. Repeat the above procedure for five different tensions. Plot the graph of l2 against T. Hz Observation table: Obs. Vibrating length of the wire T No. The graph of l2 against T is a straight line passing through the origin. This verifies second law of sonometer. Paper rider should always be kept on the wire midway between the two bridges.

Strike the tunning fork gently on the rubber pad and hold it at its stem when setting into vibrations. Keep the wire initially at sufficient tension. Avoid air disturbance. To determine velocity of sound in air at room temperature.

To find out unknown frequency of tuning fork. Apparatus: A long glass jar filled with water and sand little amount at the bottom, resonance tube, set of tuning forks, retort stand, meter scale, vernier calliper, rubber pad, etc. Measure the inner diameter d of the resonance tube with the help of the upper jaws of the vernier calliper. Take three readings. Hence calculate end correction. Hold the resonance tube vertical with the help of retort stand in the glass jar as shown in diagram.

Strike the tuning fork of highest frequency gently on the rubber pad and hold it near the mouth of the resonance tube, so that the prong of the tuning fork vibrate in vertical plane. Adjust the length of the vibrating air column of the resonance tube so that maximum sound called resonance is heard.

Clamp the tube. Measure the length of the air column from the surface of the water level to the open end of the resonance tube using meter scale. Repeat the procedure twice for one tuning fork. Repeat complete procedure for rest of the tuning forks. Remember start taking readings with highest frequency and lowest vibrating air column also for unknown frequency.

Find the correct vibrating length of the air column for each frequency. Observations: L. For inner diameter of the tube: Obs. For resonating length: Obs. Frequency Vibrating length Corrected 1 nL No. Hz iv. Strike the tuning fork gently on rubber pad. Hold the vibrating tuning fork just above the mouth of the resonance tube.

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Web12th Physics Practical Study Material (Practical Hand Book) | Mr. M. Rajendran � English Medium � Preview & Download (biiwostudio.com ) 12th Physics Practical Study . WebDec 3, �� Here we provided a physics practical journal for class 12 students to understand the Physics experiments in a better way. Download Class 12 Physics . WebNov 2, �� Physics Practical Class 12 PDF download November 2, by sarkarirush Physics practical class 12 pdf download: Class 12th or Intermediate has an decorum .