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Download bluetooth windows 11

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Make sure your Bluetooth device is in range. Unshielded USB devices can sometimes interfere with Bluetooth connections. Make sure airplane mode is off: Select the Network , Sound , or Battery icons on the right side of the taskbar, then make sure the Airplane mode quick setting is turned off.

Turn off Bluetooth , wait a few seconds, then turn it back on. To learn more about pairing your Bluetooth device again, see Connect a Bluetooth device. Next to Bluetooth , select Run and follow the instructions. Open Troubleshoot settings. If you recently upgraded to Windows 11 or installed Windows 11 updates, the current driver may have been designed for an earlier version of Windows. To automatically check for driver updates:. Select Search on the taskbar, type for device manager , and then select Device Manager from the list of results.

Follow the steps, then select Close. Important: An outdated or incompatible driver is one of the most common causes of Bluetooth connection problems. Go to your PC manufacturer's website and download the latest driver. Then do one of the following:. If you downloaded an executable.

That should be all you need to do. If you downloaded individual files, and at least one file has an. Select Search on the taskbar, type device manager , and then select Device Manager from the list of results. Select Browse , select the location where the driver files are stored, and then select OK.

Select Next , and follow the steps to install the driver. When the installation is finished, select Close. If you don't see the Bluetooth icon, but Bluetooth does appear in Device Manager, try to uninstall the Bluetooth adapter, and then trigger an automatic reinstall. Here's how:.

Select Search on the taskbar, enter device manager , then select Device Manager from the results. In Device Manager, select Bluetooth. After your device shuts down, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on. Windows will try to reinstall the driver. Note: You may need to contact your PC or other hardware manufacturer to get the latest drivers for your Bluetooth adapter. If these steps don't fix your Bluetooth problem, use Windows Feedback Hub to file a bug.

This helps Microsoft determine the root cause of the problem. Include details about what you were doing or specific steps you were taking when the problem occurred. For example, if you started having Bluetooth problems after updating Windows or changing Windows versions, include this info. Open Feedback Hub. Note: If your school or workplace manages your device and you don't see the Bluetooth icon, it may be disabled by your organization.

Check with your IT support person. If you can turn on Bluetooth but having problems pairing or using a Bluetooth accessory, try the following steps to try to fix common problems with Bluetooth accessories. You should also check your Bluetooth device manufacturer's website�especially if you have other Bluetooth devices that are working. The device manufacturer will probably have more detailed, product-specific information and troubleshooting steps.

Try to remove the device, then pair it again. Your device might be paired, but not connected�Bluetooth keyboards, mice, and pens connect only when necessary. After that, pair the device again. For more info on pairing devices, see Connect a Bluetooth device. Make sure the audio is playing through the Bluetooth device. Select Choose where to play sound then select the Bluetooth device.

In Devices , select More options next to the device, and then select Connect. Try to remove the Bluetooth device, then pair it again. In Choose where to play sound , select the Bluetooth audio device. Pause other things that might be using Bluetooth, such as file-sharing over Bluetooth. For more info, see Fix sound problems in Windows. Verify that stereo is selected for the Bluetooth device to ensure the best quality audio.

To do this:. On the right side of the taskbar, click Volume , and then select Manage audio devices to choose a playback device. Select the Bluetooth device, and make sure the Stereo option is selected. The lower-audio quality option is Hands-Free. Then, check the Volume panel again to make sure that stereo is selected. Try using nearby sharing. Learn more about nearby sharing.

Make sure Bluetooth is turned on for both the sending and receiving device. For more info, see Share files over Bluetooth. Note: Nearby sharing is available on Windows 10 version and later and on Windows The PIN should appear on your phone screen or computer screen. For help troubleshooting problems with Bluetooth-connected motion controllers, see Controllers in Windows Mixed Reality. If you've tried the steps in this article or don't see a solution to the problem, use Windows Feedback Hub to file a bug.

Include specific details about what you were doing when the problem occurred. Check in the taskbar. Select action center or. Check in Settings. Make sure your device is turned on, is charged or has fresh batteries, and is in range of the PC you want to connect to. Make sure Airplane mode is turned off. This post teaches you how to download, install, and update Windows 11 Bluetooth driver in 4 ways. If you are finding solutions for other computer problems, you can go to MiniTool Software official website.

By installing the latest drivers, you can get the latest features of the hardware and devices on your PC, and it also improves the efficiency of the hardware.

Check how to download, install, and update Windows 11 Bluetooth drivers in several ways below. Windows has a built-in Device Manager tool that lets you manage hardware and devices on your computer including automatically detecting, downloading, and installing the latest drivers for the hardware. Check how to download and update Bluetooth driver on Windows 11 via Device Manager below.

Some driver updates, quality updates, and other updates come with Windows Update. You can check for updates in Windows 11 to download the latest Bluetooth driver version on Windows You can go to your laptop manufacturer website and search for your laptop model.

Go to the driver section to search and find the Bluetooth driver.